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zimpotencer :

I want a gold chain...but I don't know if it's a good idea to buy it from amazon. Is it real? Thanks.
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MymnIntatte : Got some earrings from Claire's and I put them in right when I got them u was fine,I tend to sleep with them to but after a while they started to hurt and when I took them off today my ears were bleeding! Why did this happen and how should I clean/take care of my ears so they don't get infected or something?
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glenckistr : I wanna buy a necklace and literally never take it off. I want it t be special to me and beabke to say I never go anywhere with out it. Can I do that? Will it rust or turn colors or get crusty or less shiny? Also can u shower with a wedding ring on?
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toribhibblerg : gold and silver if its real its ok
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Xenanicovan : Yes
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Maccullam : hi! i really want to make me ear piercings really clean to avoid infection. can you please give me a list of ways to clean the piercing?? thanksss!
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xseooneku : usually when you get your ears pierced they give you complimentary cleaning solution that you put on either once or twice daily. A good way to do it is to loosen your back and pop the earring front away from your ear (but have the post still going through your ear and the back still on and everything) so when you clean it with your q-tip loaded with cleaning solution you can get the post and your actual ear. For the back, take the back off (but still have the earring in) and carefully clean the back all around your earring. Also, never ever touch your earring, even if it's itchy. i used to pick at mine and they got infected. If you don't have cleaning solution use alcohol.
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