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Messcasehax : Could somebody tell me that how to find the fashion jewelry trends for 2013 at university? Now some girls is wearing some jewelry that I can not tell name, so any suggestions about this trends for girls?

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tramerstendss : A pandora charm bracelet
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BreamsEasesia : Infinity necklaces or bracelets are trending....
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ontognoks : From my personal observation, I think those are the jewelry trend for 2013:
- Gold chain necklace or bracelet
- Bright studs earrings.
- Stone rings.
- Spiked bracelet.
- Ear cuffs.
- Some geometric jewelry.

I hope I'm not wrong. :) You can always know the new trend of jewelry by checking Top Shop every once in a while. It sells the most trendy jewelry.
Hope I helped! :)
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robertslopezg : ok so i am going into 7th grade i want to know some of the trends and wats "in" please don't answer just be yourself! I want to know the fashion trends of small jewelry, what kind of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings would be in fashion now?
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AdvitsaddibiA : Which one is better?
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Shohabmib : Icing but what i like better is francesca's even though it is pricey but its much better quality and wont break and i think it has cuter stuff also places like forever 21, h&m and topshop have really nice jewerly too at good prices
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icefarcandino : They're essentially the same store... Icing's full name is "Icing by Claire's."
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Plaulmivisual : I like them both equally.
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Parlifutritty : I don't really like either, but I guess ICING.
I got my ears pierced there, haha.
The reason I don't like them is because the earrings there are kind of expensive for what you get, and then they break. :(
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