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Effitswes : Now the Fall is coming, I need to get some new jewelry for the season, so anyone have some ideas about the new trends of jewelry this season, If possible show me some pic of the jewelry of something you like most, many thanks for any answers.

And have a good day to you!

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Uristtraift : So fall is coming, could somebody tell me how to know the leading fashion of earrings? Now I want to pick one for myself, any suggestions?
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camarok : I have this bag:

and I was planning on wearing the following:
Light pink skinny jeans
White lace/crochet tank
Loose oatmeal cardigan
Brown combat boots (the kind where you can fold down the top to reveal a pattern)
Straight hair (or possibly loosely curled, I haven't decided yet)
Small rose stud earrings

Any other suggestions (esp. for jewelery) are greatly appreciated!
Also, do you guys think an oatmeal colored cardigan or dark brown cardigan would look better?
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Palgamdxorzjhi : That sounds so cute, that's the perfect back to school outfit. I'd go for the oatmeal cardigan because your combat boots are brown, and that's a good combo. You should curl your hair or leave it straight and add a side braid. But, if I were you I would go for loosley curled hair. Goodluck!
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Namymndar : Honestly, that outfit sounds really cute and great for the first day of school. I personally think your hair should be loosely curled but make it so that it's in waves so that it won't look too try hardy for the first day.
The rose earrings sound perfect and I don't think you really need anything else, maybe if you want to wear a chevron bracelet that'd be nice. It's important not to overdo it.
In terms of the outfit, the oatmeal colored cardigan would work better with the outfit since it is all lighter colors
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mapsuron : That's sounds awesome...definitely oatmeal.. arm candie like spiked bracelets PR braided bracelets I think would look good with the outfit...long necklaces go great with long cardigans and that's it I think
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Ancessynero : sounds great :D
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FriendCharlie : I'm planning to put on hoop earrings(or sparkly disco ball stud earrings not sure :/) and a varsity jacket from aero postale (navy blue and white) and skinny jeans (ripped or not ripped)...and white shoes... What do u think? Oh and I'm painting my nails blue with blue shiny tiny pearls :) thanx in advance!!! Plz no rude or mean comments! Just say cute or not cut and don't say wear whatever u want or something..
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OBvallie : this sounds really cute but I've never liked hoop earings...they take away too much from the outfit unless you're wearing a classy and simple dinner gown. Keep everything else and go with stud earrings!
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Wropoulkili : Yeah that would be cute but wear the stud earings and ripped jeans.
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