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Chesforse : Her 22nd birthday is coming up and I really want to surprise her with a bracelet. I don't have many women acquaintances to ask about this stuff. I was deciding between the Tiffany's Sterling Silver

and an Hermes Enamel Bangle in red.

I like them both and I want her to be able to wear it everyday. I think she likes the red one, usually her style is more vibrant, from Hermes but I find it hard to justify that spending with an enamel product. The Tiffany's bracelet is at least sterling silver. She has tiny wrists so I remember that it is better for her to wear thicker bands or something to try and offset that. I have no idea. Anyways what I would like to ask is which one would you choose for everyday where and if you would have any suggestions of other bracelets I could look at within that price range that would be great too! Thanks for your time.
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patiohortiere : can see you've put a lot of effort into this, but don't get her a bracelet.

and don't spend that much.
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Maccullam : It's really hard to choose cause both of them are really cute! But if you want something that looks more casual, I would say go for Tiffany bangle! :)
Hermes bangle is also very cute but it looks kinda fancy. If she dresses really fancy and dressy for everyday look, then get her Hermes bangle! She will definitely love it!
If she wears usually simple cute outfits, then get her Tiffany bangle!
They're both very cute and she will probably like whatever you will get her! Don't worry you have good taste. :)

Good luck! xX
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esyez028 : Nowadays, every girl likes to wear trendy and stylish jewellery like designer bangles, stylish bracelets, pendants sets, rings etc. In my opinion, pandora jewelery is the best option for you from where you can buy all type of jewellery like artificial, gold, silver, costume, intimation jewellery with best designs, patterns and colors. I also buy my all jewellery from here online in very reasonable prices. I hope you can also find nice jewellery from here for your GF.
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Jeromenoblejl : So could somebody tell us that where to buy small fashion earrings? So could somebody suggest somewhere to buy now?
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CobyStoll : Is this a great first day of school outfit?!)
White skinny Jeans
Sheer floral button up top
Pink tanktop ( undershirt)
Denim button up shirt Incase it gets cold
Black leather gladiator sandals
Mint blue nail polish
Initial necklace
Mint blue bracelet
Pearl earrings
White watch
Straight hair
Maybe mini bow
Need suggestions if this is a great first day of school outfit
Would you change anything thx
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brian1234 : You're lucky, in my area we have dress code. :(
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OXarden : That looks cute but don't wear the bow. That could take it from cute to cutesy which could seem childish
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vedslonse : sounds cute just not too many accessories maybe either bracelets or a watch but not both maybe some gold or brass colored bracelets you don't want to be over matching
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caubocaibia : I am a 16 year old girl, going into grade 12.
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