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kotelekokd : Ah, I am a girl who is study in university, could somebody tell me what is the new trend of fashion jewelry for girls at school? You know, keep in touch with the fashion trends is so hard for me, so any answers would be appreciate, thanks man!

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KenGepeinsuts : So I travelled to Vietnam recently and got a beautiful diamond ring there for around $4,000 US dollars on my last day there. I was wearing it just so it wouldn't get lost in all the stuff that I was packing and on the flight home, I noticed that one of the tiny diamonds on the band had fallen out! I feel like it'd be a lot of hassle to ship it back to the jeweler just to get it replaced so I was wondering how much would a local jewelry store charge for replacing it? Or would they replace it at all?
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effirtyAttisy : maybe they'd replace it. but don't get jewelry from asian countries they're almost always cheap quality and i bet the diamond wasnt even real.
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Gofmeagogam : They probablywould, you'd have to go in and ask how much they'd charge.
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ivilus : hey friend,
first of all you travel led to vietnam SO COOL well that's cause im in a mun and i got vietnam. lets come back to the topic- say you want a real one or fake im just telling you any one will replace it you just need the money so how did ya like the diamond hope it not rare or your gonna have to buy one more.

your fashion Friend
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joelkins : It is not as expensive as you might imagine to get lost stones replaced. It might even be covered by your insurance. My wife's ring was repaired by a jeweller in Hatton Garden, London - a specialist jewellery quarter with dozens of jewellers to choose from.
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seettyDoums : Is this a great first day of school outfit?!)
White skinny Jeans
Sheer floral button up top
Pink tanktop ( undershirt)
Denim button up shirt Incase it gets cold
Black leather gladiator sandals
Mint blue nail polish
Initial necklace
Mint blue bracelet
Pearl earrings
White watch
Straight hair
Maybe mini bow
Need suggestions if this is a great first day of school outfit
Would you change anything thx
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tomafluotly : Nope it's a good outfit
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RoorINuhbor : I like it but I would change the floral top to a crop tee (black and white striped) and ditch the denim button up
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pabby : I got my ears pierced about 9 weeks ago and I've been changing between two studs for about a week now, which is when the pierces told me I could start changing them. It doesn't hurt me at all to take whatever pair out, but it hurts and pokes my ear a lot when I try to put earrings in again, even after just a few seconds. A lot of my friends who have had their ears pierced for a while just effortlessly put in their earrings. In your experience how long does it take for newly pierced ears to be like that, to not hurt to put any in? And should I keep changing earrings to get my lobes used to it, or should I not swap out earrings to heal it? At this point it's more of a hassle to put them in than it's worth. Do they heal like that on their own or do you have to train them and get used to where your holes are?

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