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maolekmtol : Hi to all, I would like to know good autumn jewelry trend? Now I need to get one for the coming autumn, so any good suggestions? Maybe you can suggest your wearing jewelry. Many thanks guys!

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lialpinsamy : find pandora jewelry for good prices. find pandora jewelry for good prices
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KneermaWarf : Amazon
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ozrf4332 : The Pandora jewelry is very expensive and if you realy want to buy ,you can google the "cheap pandora jewelry", there are many online sites for you. But I like this, and I think this matches your demand. This is a pandora jewellery website, there are so many cheap jewellery and charms.
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Jaramaree : Its for a everyday daytime look. I like to dress up a little bit but still be comforable (choosed ballet flats because I cannot wear heels often due to a severe back.ache and foot arch problem Ive from childhood. :/ My feets were deformed when I was born so thats why I avoid wearing heels and im not so keen of wearing boots now when its still warm outside.) Its a transition between summer and fall outfit. I havent decided jacket and bag yet. :P (The earrings and pendant are very small like 1/3 inch in lenght).

But Im not sure what color jacket/sweater would go with this outfit. I prefer more bolder looks so preferable not another neutral. I love color blocking so I was thinking plum, olive, dark blue kind of colored cardigan? What color bag? I was thinking of getting this one:[source],value[/model/2012/P50%200169610%20012%2010%201353%206.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[]&set=key[width],value[]&set=key[height],value[]&set=key[x],value[]&set=key[y],value[]&set=key[type],value[STILL_LIFE_FRONT]&call=url[file:/product/large] which is sort of a color block bag that pick up the colors one the shoes but Im not sure if that would be too much going on?
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tianlan200 : what is the estimated cost and healing time
And why do people say its bad to go there for ear piercings? Something along the lines of there piercing guns or something?
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RHIFTARRICH : I just got mine done there a couple weeks ago, the price depends on what earrings you get i think the cheapest is 30 bucks. the only thing i would say would be bad is if their busy it may take awhile & thats about it.. I think their pretty decent
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Payncattiff : I got a double piercing there and it took about two months to heal but you cant take out the post earrings for two months anyways. But people say not to get it done there because the piercing guns are less sterile I would prefer going to a tattoo parlor for that. It was about $14-50 but it depends on what type of earrings you get. Hope I helped :)
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