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thurgyFug : I wanna know if I should get a size 6.5 or 7 in Boy's Nike Air Diamond Turf 2 GS Deion Sanders . I'm a girl but I actually wear a size 7 and in some shoes a 6 . People saying that they run bigger than the actual size or w.e but I just wanna know so that my shoes won't look that big on me .

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Knoprubsop : I paint glitter on top of jewellery, I use holographic and it looks great wet however, when it drys it loses that wet, shiny look? Good top coat to ensure it keeps it shine? It's my business therefore, I need the best but not looking for expensive, just a cheap drugstore brand.
I live in England so Sephora and other make up stores like that aren't available to me.
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zmvxowm633 : I'm a girl:) And all m life i've been wearing uniform. Now I'm going to high school, and I don't have anything to wear!

My style is probably a little bit preppy, but I like comfy, casual, and cute, too;) Also, I like to be trendy and chic:)

Could you please tell me what to buy? Staple pieces for my wardrobe, and anything else you think I may like/want:)

Thank you so much!
I live in florida where it's always hot hot hot and it can get rainy;)
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Gyncdyecy :,,,,,,,, and (the have cute close as well as underwear and bras) are all the places I shop at and love. Good luck!
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Affongenice : U should know what u like to wear and be able to know what to buy but shorts high waisted maybe ,pretty maxi dresses and skirts,oxfords . forever 21 has different sections of different styles which is helpful and easy to find stuff in ur style
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npletcherbrl : These are just essentials but for high school you'll need:

A few skinny jeans ( 1 distressed, 1 denim )
2 - 3 boot cut, flare, straight leg jeans ( any colour )
Have at least 2 pairs of shorts, one denim, one black
You need at least 1 skirt ( black ) preppy style in your case

A must have is a nice cute / casual dress

Camisoles and tank tops ( about 5 - 6 ) for layering
Solid v - necks and scoop necks ( 4 - 5 ) different colours
Blouses, I like vintage but whatever works for you
A denim jacket
Roughly 3 cardigans, they're very cute ( and preppy! )

You need shoes wise:

Flip flops

And lots of accessories!

Sorry if I missed anything

Good luck - Rhianne
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WronryCok : -Skinny Jeans (Dark wash):
I would get 1-2 pairs of these. Don't get the super skinny type but just the regular skinny ones.
-Sandals and Flats:
Flats are very preppy. I am sandals girl and would recommend having a couple different options.
Since you are going preppy I would say that polka dots and stripes would work for you.
Any Shirt would probably work for you. I would either layer them with tank tops or dress them up with jean jackets.
You should probably get another couple pairs of jeans and expeiriment with differnet cuts and washes.
You should get a cardigan in black and white definitely with either navy blue or gray also.
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Quamserorse : Wardrobe Essentials:

A plain white tee (black or grey are also good)
Button up denim shirt
Blouse (any color)
Striped boatneck
Dressy tank

Denim jacket
Blazer (black and a fun bright color)
Oversized cardigans
Knit sweaters
*Leather jackets are nice but not completely essential

Coat (whatever you prefer - pea coat, military style, rain jacket, etc.)

High waisted shorts
Skater skirt (denim or cotton)
Skinny jeans (dark wash)
Floral skirt
*Maxi skirts/high low skirts are also great if you're into those

Ballet flats
Ankle boots (Chelsea boot, combat boot, motorcycle boot, cut out boots)
Rain boots (of course only if it is needed where you live)
Converse (black or white)

Check out Gabriella Scaringe on youtube. I think that she has videos that would really help you with your style. She has many videos that have the style you described.

When you go shopping remember to pick pieces out that will go with everything. That way you will have many variations of outfits. Scarfs and jewelry are also a great way to look cute and to change up your looks once in awhile.

I hope this helped, good luck shopping!
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songfeng103 : I'm 16 and I've havent gotten my ears pierced yet (pathetic Ik but sports always got in the way) anyway I want to get them pierced now and a lot of my friends have the double piercing. Should I get two at the same time or should I wait. Also any links for cool earrings.
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Miztiessy : I got mine pierced at the same time. The second time, I knew what was coming and I freaked out when the needle went through my ear.

I don't have a link, but forever 21 has the cutest earrings and jewelry. Just make sure you aren't allergic to cheap metals. (If you are, spray clear spray paint on the earrings to protect your ear. Even using clear nail polish can help)
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