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MAjaleesa : Im just asking to see what other people wear. Also how do you do your make up and hair? I usually wear a band tee, skinny jeans, and my orsiris' or converse or toms. And I straighten my hair everyday and tease it sometimes. I wear eyeliner and mascara and foundation.

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songfeng301 : Hoodies, jeans, sneakers, I don't do much to my hair as its already really straight on its own (except brushing it).
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depNetSaidava : Last year(freshman); jeans, flats or my boots if its cold and a sweatshirt almost everyday. Signature silver and diamond heart necklace from boyfriend Hair; brush and nothing else. Didn't wear makeup. Yuck, I know.
This year; Jeans, flats/converse/toms/boots, cardigans and nice tops. Signature silver and diamond heart necklace from boyfriend. Fake pearl or diamond studs. Hair(I have naturally straight hair), brushed maybe a french braid or curled. Makeup, simple and classy. Foundation, setting powder, light eyeliner and neutral eye shadow, mascara.
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melekdajre : Until last year, my high school had a loose dress code that made everyone wear either collard shirts (any color/style) or spirit tee's. So I wore some decent button-down blouses or school club t-shirts with boot-cut jeans most of the time. If it was cold (not that often in Texas), I wore my hoody jacket also.

I have short hair (above shoulder-length) so I just blow-dry it after a shower and shape it with a round brush so it wont flip out awkwardly. I also only wear lipstick/mascara on occasion.
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Jamesgos : I wear skinny jeans with a cute shirt(usually elbow length) I think that looks cute with some flate. I love my hair in a bun!!! ^_^ , and I don't put too much makeup on, I just put eyeliner and it seems to do a lot lml. ?
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Cheenlyhoaree : Well I dressed differently every year.
Freshman was a lot of hair straightening and dark make up (foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara). Skinny jeans and band tees or a baggy sweatshirt.
Sophomore I braided my hair so it would curl and did more natural makeup (foundation, mascara, eyeshadow). Then bootcut jeans and shirts from boutiques.
Junior I did a lot of braids again and ponytails. Half the time I dressed really nicely and preppy (button downs and bootcut jeans) the other half was sweats, with much more natural makeup (foundation, eyeshadow, mascara).
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camarok : So Now the fall is coming, what kind of jewlery would be popular to wear? Keep in fashion seems so hard for me, so any answers would be appeciate, many thanks!
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Miztiessy : Long layered necklaces (gold/black)
Hoops and studs are always in style!
Chunky (for lack of a better word) Long stone earrings
Bangles and Layered Bracelets
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carliferates : forever21 and click on jewelry
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theomarttes12ezr : Just go to google to search. I am sure you would like that!
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