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Parlifutritty : I got a beautiful necklace from my boyfriend for my last birthday, and it's getting a kind of metallic smell that immediately makes me think of tarnished metal. I just need to know what the best way to clean it would be. It has a very thin white gold chain that feels delicate, and two hearts made of white gold with two small leaves (one is rose gold, the other is yellow gold). I just don't wanna break it and can't afford to take it to the jeweler.

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Vidsgaga : lemon juice !!
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Hoonorshani : lemon juice
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Nicole1974 : I'm going out tonight. Its supposed to be like 71 degrees F and its very overcast. I wanted to wear printed ankle length leggings with a white button down and gold jewelry and a good pair of strappy sandals. What do you guys think? Will I be ok or too warm, the shirt is light and airy.
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Edillcelf : buy a ring guard and which is good reliable jewellery store in new york.. buy a ring guard and which is good reliable jewellery store in new york.
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BlepEphenly : Amazon sells them, and cheaper than the jewelry store.
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FriendJordan : The first step to determine what ring guard best suits your needs is to clearly identify what kind of engagement ring you have. Once you can determine what you have, then you can determine how to fit a ring guard to it.There is reliable jewellery store which offered many types of ring guards in the new york city.
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plumImmorefup : I just purchased an antique sterling silver ring from a shop in Stockholm Sweden and am doing some research into it. The ring is stamped with what seems to be

1) BEM (or BEH/BLM/BLH tough to see)

2) what appears to be a stamped image (perhaps the makers mark)

3) .925

4) the word COPY

I believe .925 means the ring is sterling silver but am not sure what the others stamps are. Any help is appreciated.
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