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GuttwersBeefs : Or can you just add funds to your paypal?

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DumArrada : Like maybe a bright lipstick, or a signature piece of jewelry you wear all the time, anything.
Mine is bows and knee socks with skirts :)

Thought it would be cool to see all the different things people like!
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yangxh63o : I have a natural curly and blond hair.
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demBiniadiack : First and foremost: beard.

Then: bandana(red, blue, black, white or American flag, folded to go across only my forehead and not the top of my head), steel rings on all four right fingers, blue jeans, work boots, aviators.

I'm in a band.. why not look the part?
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LFsonia : stacked rings ..i wear them all the time
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aqfcdnh631 : me
Novelty socks
Toe Socks
thigh high socks
my gasses
and my Hair.
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Miztiessy : my bow ties and a suit -
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hiegululnenny : How does it feel when you are getting your ear lobes pierced with gun and needle?
How long does it take to pierce your ear lobes with a needle?
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Moruiteryinara : Gun way better and faster
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peggyagibsont : Definitely better to get it done with a needle!

Only places that don't have a licence because they are not qualified to pierce, use guns!!

A needle is as you know made to pierce skin smoothly, so the needle slides through the ear without much difficulty or pain, I got my ears re-pierced 6 weeks ago by needle because I had a bad reaction when younger and they closed up,
Needles are 100% auto-clavable and the only way you can end up with an infection is if you don't look after them post-piercing, you should soak the piercings in salt water twice a day, the salt water should only be as strong as the taste of your tears, you can use sea salt or table salt,
Never twist your piercings! This just breaks the newly formed healing, therefore prolonging the healing period, which should normally be 6 weeks,

With piercing with a gun, yes it may be a faster process, but because as you also may know, earrings are not made to pierce skin, especially fleshy ear lobes!
Therefore, the blunt end of the earring causes blunt force trauma,
Piercing guns are also not 100% autoclavable therefore much higher risk of infection, even serious infections!!

Also piercing usually done with guns are usually done by cheap jewelry, where as if you go to a piercing shop, you know you will come out infection free if they are a decent practice and also with good quality jewelry!

People who pierce with guns are not reliable, they don't have any education in it except for the piercings they have done,

I have had my ears pierced with both a gun and needle, when I got it done with a gun I cried from the throbbing pain it left in my lobes, guns cause serious trauma to the ears,

My experience with the needle was the complete opposite!
Yes my lobes got a little heated, but that it normal of course! But not so much pain! My ears felt better the day after and like I had the done years!
But remember, piercings heal from the outside in, so although they look healed, they are not, so leave the starter studs in for the 6 weeks, you can change them after that if you wish :-)

My advice is to definitely go to a piercing shop and get them done professionally, it will save them getting infected and you having to take the piercings back out to close up!

Good luck :-)


It takes at most 15-20 seconds for ear, that includes clamping ears, cleaning round piercing etc
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