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aoioktoy :

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lCareyBridgesc : Yes they should cut funding for a lot more too.
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GaspCypeerexy : Sure and become responsible for genocide once the no fly zone falls apart.
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Mznuulka : Congress should cut all funding until the budget is balanced immediately. Increasing the National Debt is national suicide.
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jgoodlikegp : Id rather see cuts from military spending in general. If the Libyans gain freedom out of this it will make a safer world in general.
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bouhambiffKib : •I need someone's help and advice,I broke up with my Girlfriend for 2 weeks now,My heart is broken and I'm thinking about her a lot,You see she lied to me and she keeps going behind my back and talking to her ex-boyfriends and tells me she hasn't and I just don't think I deserve to be lied to and to be going behind my back.

•I treated her like a princess,Bought her lovely jewellery,Took her out to the best restaurants,Ran romantic baths,Candles,flowers,rose petals the lot her,Made her breakfast in bed,I was always super nice to her and making sure she was okay and if she had a problem I would sort it out for her and when she was on her period,I even went out of my way and walked 50minutes to the shop and bought her Ben and jerrys ice cream,magazines and a DVD to help her and so so so much more stuff for her.

•I'm just sad that it had to come down to this,She had her 18th party yesterday and she looks so happy in the photos and she said she had an amazing night,I just don't understand for someone that cried and begged me to stay with her she got over me REALLY fast :/ I did everything for this girl and it breaks my heart literally in 2.I put so much into the relationship and she took it and destroyed us by lying and deceiving me and I just need someone's advice and help :( on how to get through this time.

Thank you.
PS: Sorry for the wrong category,I'm just really desperate for advice!
@Michelle: I did go running with her,We went to the park,And I do know how to carry on a conversation,And I didn't "buy" my relationship,I walked miles to see her and to get her stuff and to be there for her so before you comment make sure you know your facts first.
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toribhibblerg : Want my advice you're a really great guy and she doesn't deserve you at all :D just tell how many guys right now in this world make this for his girlfriend anymore, I think you should move on even if you really like her there's so many girls out there that cares about more than she does

Never show her that you're broken that's for sure.
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Faceblate : You seem like a nice guy and no you don't deserve being lied to from what I can tell is she is only or was only with you because you were too nice to her you got her presents and cared too much if she is talking to her ex that shows she isn't serious about you she is just a girl and for someone who treats you like that is definitely not worth you put your self first dont be easy and get back with her foget she even existed forget her get out there get a new hair doo new clothes and go and find new friends to hang out with they are better girls out there that when you find the right one she will love you and will put everything into the relationship. Good luck
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lsophiaj : I as a 19 year old woman, don't want a guy who pampers me and treats me like a goddess. You proabbaly treated her too kind, didn't let her think for herself and be independent... . Your relationship was abnormal. I could care less about breakfast in bed, jewelry, rose petals and crap. I want a guy who likes having a good time. I want a guy who will go running with me, go to the park, knows how to carry on a conversation.... . Sounds like your just another guy with money who thinks you can buy your relationship.
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Jestreems : Hi, I am Sam and I think a fair bit older than you, 38. But, I think I can help you with some of my life experiences and hopefully make you feel a bit better. I am so sorry the two of you split but I do have to say it is for the best. You have treated her like a queen and she has taken advantage of that and ran with it. You sound like one in a million gentleman who would treat a lady like a princess. My ex-husband was like you in the beginning but still didn't do half of what you described in 5 yrs of marriage!

Take a step back read your text again and concentrate on the end...where not two weeks later she's out partying again, rubbing your nose in it with the pictures and sharing your relationship with her ex's. That is just not right! its pretty need to not think about her and concentrate on yourself. Call your friends and have some guy time down the pub. Nightclub, paint-balling, go-carting you see where I'm going...and if you have one special best friend that you know you can talk to then get it off your chest once and for all and then move on.

Hope that's of some help. She isn't worth it. Good luck mate, Sam.
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