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buy neopoints :
It doesn't have to be gold but i like the ring and that specific letter. the arabic letter on the ring is called Jeem

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novaexate : Try
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elsebeth9 : .

As promised! ;)

Gold Finger maybe into gold, and 007 into diamonds forever, but nothing can touch costume jewelry made by a certain mythical creature of pure heart (buy some dang it):

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atrotazog : Diamonique :D
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Intaniejeta : Sadly, I have no clue. :(

Thanks for the question, though!
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VElorna : hello i need diamond fashion earring for my girlfriend can anyone suggest me buy . hello i need diamond fashion earring for my girlfriend can anyone suggest me buy
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Insenoloals : hi you can visit to Catch the latest fashion trends on diamond very affordable Price and very huge collection
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Biliflachitn : Sun queen
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VaraTrurorb : I don't mind which girl it's from I love all the styles. Preferably links please!
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DRlillie : I love all their clothes too! Unfortunately, everything they wear is very expensive, so I'm going to list stores that you could find their style in, and then key pieces you can get a cheaper stores, like Forever 21 and H&M.

Spencer: Classic, Polished, Mens Wear
Look at J.Crew and Club Monaco for inspiration
Key pieces would include cardigans, sweaters, button downs, blazers, knee high socks, oxford shoes, an antique jewelry

Hanna: Girly, Glam, Trendy
Look at Nordstrom, Guess, and Bebe for inspiration.
Key pieces would include dresses, skirts, silk and printed tops, colored jeans, heels, booties, bags, and statement jewelry.

Emily: Casual, Sporty
Look at Rebel Yell, Urban Outfitters, and Adidas for inspiration.
Key pieces would include denim jackets, vests, statement sneakers, combat boots, flannel shirts, and dark skinny jeans.

Aria: Edgy, Unique, Boho
Look at DKNY, J Brand, and Bebe.
Key pieces would include leather jackets, knee high socks, statement dresses, booties, heels, skirts, spiky jewelry, and bags.

Hope this helps!
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