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VakemeeniaCam : My new mom wants me to go back to college. But can't afford it. And am looking for ways to find a program that will allow me to learn at home with out taking the college classes and paying for those classes. Or should I just get workbooks and have my new mom assign me some work. And I can't get public funding. Due to the fact that my disability isn't taxable. And she can't claim me on her taxes yet....
My bio mom died. And I am getting adopted. So when i say my new mom i am talking about my adoptive mom.

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wpthwddc : Your new mom?
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Tourcenpeno : I got a size 10 women's ring online for my boyfriend because it has a bee engraved inside and my Name starts with B and its plain sterling silver and I think he'd love it. He's not chubby, but not sickly skinny fingers either. Normal good sized guy hands, what finger do you think it would fit? Thank you!!!
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trelfHexrurry : Check what ring size you need on This will ensure you to get the right ring size :)
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Fotaanits : no rude comments please cus i dont wanna deal with tht shitt but where can u buy brands likke obey and diamond or likke last kings tht arent tht expensive they dont gotta be booty cheap but yeahh not to expensive and ima girl and i already know about zumiez and karmaloop but where besides tht?? ~thanks~
ohh yeahh and i absolutely love crooks and castles and i kinda need white and red shirts cus my new jordans are that color and mayb shirts tht go good with khaki colored jeans 2
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seaggetroks : want to buy diamond ring for my girlfriend in new york.. want to buy diamond ring for my girlfriend in new york.
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Coinfunlink : so sweet
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FriendDevin : Good romantic ah, you can go to walmart and amazon to buy it
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jastreender : Pawnshop
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Loasiarog : Diamond rings at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry is simply an exceptional collection. You will recognize right away the expert craftsmanship and the exclusive style of the designer’s touch.check great collection of diamond ring
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