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itatuilmelf :

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Jackmals : Hi I'm 16 and I've kinda been wanting to get my belly button pierced. I know I probably won't just cause ill never get around to it and convincing my parents is a pain but I was just wondering a few things. How bad does it hurt first of all? I have my ears pierced if its co parable to that. Also how long does it need to heal before you can take it out? And when you take it out how long are you able to leave it out for? Is it like earrings where u can pretty much leave them out for months or should I have a ring in most of the time? I was concerned because during the school year I swim competitively and wouldn't wanna wear it in the water especially with a one piece suit on. My practices are about 1.5-2 hours long and are 5 days a week. So do you think it'd be something I should look into more or should I just wait till I'm 18 and done with swimming? Anyways if you could answer all or any of these questions it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Escossebroods : I honestly barely felt it, hurts to touch after. Don't remove it till its healed and clean around it. Huge recommendation to wait after your done with swimming.
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ylmkskevmzx : Is this a good first day of school outfit
Torquise Skinny jeans
Black floral sheer top
Black cardigan
Crochet white toms
Hair down
Bow clip in hair
Owl necklace
Bow earrings
White watch
Really need advice if this is a great outfit or would you change anything thx
I forgot I change my mind I'm not gonna wear the owl necklace
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Jessica59 : Yep :D maybe not the Toms , replace with white converse
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Dwedebeledima : it's cute but I honestly don't think you should wear the owl necklace.... what grade are u going into?
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Ubnolermef : maybe a bit to much,trust me you don't want to feel over dressed for school,just be semi don't really need to wear a cardigan unless your school requires it or something.
also don't wear the owl necklace its a bit too much with everything else going on with your outfit
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Weanceencable : i think you should change the colour of your jeans to something a bit more settle for the first day.
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unummaphy : That sounds really cute! But I agree, you shouldn't wear black on black. I think you should wear a white one to match your toms :) Overall it seems like a great outfit and I LOVE bows and toms! I have the same toms as you :)
Also, make sure that the top fits your schools dress code in case you want to take off your cardigan.
Good luck :)
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Pawwrercesata : Okay, It seems like you put a lot of thought in this outfit. That's good. But the main key of a nice outfit is simple yet fashionable. Throw away colorful skinnies, they bring to much attention, you want to draw attention to the small things. Such as your earrings or your hair. Wear the black cardigan, you could wear the black floral sheer top, it would look okay if you add earrings, let say pearl earrings, they are simple and fashionable. Or I suggest wearing white under the cardigan and wear high wasited paints or shorts, or try a simple black pencil skirt. The main thing here is color, pick three colors your going to play with. The main colors you should play with is, white, black and any other small color, or just wear black and white. I suggest wearing pearl earrings and no other jewelry other than that. Put your hair in a nice bun or a messy, look on youtube to see how to create that nice bun. Then, you can add your bow behind your bun, look up images of what i'm saying. You'll like. You can wear your Crochets, they sound cute.
Hope I helped!
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