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CadnerI : Oka o my earlobe is red and warm well pinkish red .
& i got my ears repierced at claires like last year september i had them when pierced when i was a baby but they closed up ..
Okay well when i tried putting a hoop earring in it wouldn't go in my left lobe but the right lobe yes . soo can anyone of you tell me what's going on ?

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igoRaafkty : Happend to me clean it ear with alcohol or ear cleaner and try putting a eating threw the back and then try putting it in again
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Effitswes : You should never get your ears pierced at CLaire"s . They aren't steralized properly , and they use a gun which tears your ear . This is why piercings and tattoo shops don't use guns. Needles are way more safe and won't cause demage .
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Diartylarly : This will sound stupid but try putting a stud in threw the back. Mine wouldn't go through and I started freaking out, but it would go through from the back.
Your ear might be infected though since you got it done at Claire's. never get it done with a gun. They aren't sterilized. Get it done with a needle at a professional piercing place (for future piercings lol)
Put a warm compress/Ice on it for about 30 minutes and try putting it through
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nersFoogeonge : Is this a good first day of school outfit
Black floral sheer top
Purple skinny Jeans
White crochet toms
Bow earrings
Hair down
Orange nail polish
I really need advice also do I have to change something thx
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swojeksnik : What ever is comfortable for you and you enjoy it, i think thats all that matters.
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FriendMax : I like everything
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BialoDisa : just get a custom made shirt with the infamous 'casting couch' image printed on the front its a instant convo starter and you might make so friends
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Allolacib : It sounds good to me.
A little much going on with the floral sheer top (sounds like a lace top?) with crochet toms in my opinion. I would have choose regulare leather/canvas shoes in solid color/neutral.
but nothing "bad" about it if you like more bolder looks. :3
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StoomyTog : changing hair is easy! this would be nice
or adding eyeliner or mascara to your look. even lip stick or gloss can make a big difference
that sounds nice but simplicity is key as well. sometimes you want the easy breezy look.
it could be nice if you wore a light coloured bandeau under your sheer top or even a nude or peach top
it can make you look more clean.
instead or orange nail polish you could do a cute mint green or red nail polish with an accent nail!
hope I helped!! good luck!! :)
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