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LierCheeprind : It's always something like: To you the recipient of this letter. I am Mr. Obatu Sarish. I recently inherited $50 million (U.S.) from the estate of my late uncle in the United States. Unfortunately, I lack the funds to travel to the states and claim my money. That is where you come in. I need you to transfer $$$ to my bank account in Nigeria. After receiving the funds, I will contact you, and share with you half the money. God Bless You! Doesn't that make you just want to pelt them with rotten eggs?

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Pesepiopabs : Start using gmail. I haven't got a single one of them on gmail ... even in the spam folder. Yahoo got so many it ruined my inbox.
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rikesuiburnsc : i get about 3 or so a day it makes me angry. . . yeah. i either delete them or just leave them if i cant be stuffed deleting them
but believe it or not there are people out there who will fall for all that s**t

its not what email account that you use it is what you sign up to
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UUVUV : I have not worn earrings in my ears for two years due to the fact that I noticed in my teens wearing heavy earrings were making the holes bigger, recently I noticed that one of my ears were getting a little scabby but took no notice of them till this morning and I noticed that the split on one of them has now divided into two..for no reason whatsoever as like I said I have not worn earrings for two years what can cause that?
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Parlifutritty : I got a beautiful necklace from my boyfriend for my last birthday, and it's getting a kind of metallic smell that immediately makes me think of tarnished metal. I just need to know what the best way to clean it would be. It has a very thin white gold chain that feels delicate, and two hearts made of white gold with two small leaves (one is rose gold, the other is yellow gold). I just don't wanna break it and can't afford to take it to the jeweler.
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Vidsgaga : lemon juice !!
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Hoonorshani : lemon juice
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EricIQ : This may sound weird but I have an ear cuff that looks like a lip ring. I want to halfway pierce my lip so I have put the ball at the end of it in the inside of my lip. I just don't know how to do it. Please help
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Errommeds : Ok, so I want to pierce my nose but my dad won't let me get one done from a professional and if I can't get it done by a professional I would like to do it myself at home. How do you recommend I do this? I've watched videos on YouTube but it looks painful, is there a way without pain? If not i will just go through with the pain. I know my dad doesn't want me to have it done, but I really want one and Im going to be living with my mum soon anyway. Please help? Thanks xx c:
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enurmouse : Hot water and salt, sterilise your chosen needle. Pleanty of ice to numb the area as much as you can. Put the needle straight through on your first go. If you attempt it a few times it will leave you with extra holes,.. They will bleed and scab over and doesn't look very nice when you have ur stud in. Make sure you have the correct nose ring cause you will need it to stay in for 4-6 weeks. The piecing needs to be done quick and effective to stop bleeding and bruising xxxx
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