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Exerierok : I have a school project and i decided to fund raise for veterans. I need a slogan. Im going to raise money by selling silicone wristbands and i will put my slogan on the wristbands. Please help me!! also if you know any good websites to order the bracelets off of please let me know!

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MAagnes : what to wear with black & white tribal leggings please hellppp. what to wear with black & white tribal leggings please hellppp
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prognorgo : A red, black, white, blue top or dress. I think these color would go well with it. Red mostly :) but don't wear a tribal dress or top because it'll look tacky. Wear a cute solid colored top or dress :) like made out of lace! Also cute jewelry and nice shoes!
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EliteScreens : More black and white with accents of color like turquoise or red. :)
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aniseeten : Any plain colored shirt (: A bright one would look good, also, you can wear like a blous, like a pink one. Try not wear really dull colors like brown and faded grey
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DumArrada : Like maybe a bright lipstick, or a signature piece of jewelry you wear all the time, anything.
Mine is bows and knee socks with skirts :)

Thought it would be cool to see all the different things people like!
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yangxh63o : I have a natural curly and blond hair.
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LFsonia : stacked rings ..i wear them all the time
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aqfcdnh631 : me
Novelty socks
Toe Socks
thigh high socks
my gasses
and my Hair.
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Miztiessy : my bow ties and a suit -
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