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liamnigousnum : Is this bad? The reason people say that is the way I dress. I don't go to major brands, but I like to look put together. I just love getting all dressed up and ready for the day! I wear dresses, "riding" boots, skirts, scarves, jewelry. I wouldn't consider myself preppy, but because a lot of people in my school wear jeans and t-shirts, they call me preppy.
The funny thing is, I personally don't see MYSELF as a prep, going by the stereotypical vision of preps. I more of a dork, actually. How can people call me a prep by my dress? And, the main question, is it a bad thing?

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pounseInsug : as long as you aren't stuck up, I don't see a problem with having a preppy style. i think it's cute, I just can't stand the preppy stuck up people.
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wpthwddc : i don't think being a "prep" is a bad thing, it mans they think you look like a popular kid! if i was you i would enjoy it
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Hopppgyte : nah your not but its not a bad thing. the way that your describing it is that they think its bad to look well put together.
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Abigail_West_Virginia : Usually when I think of preps I think of girls who go to these fancy private schools and get everything handed to them on silver platters. Just because you like to keep your appearance up doesn't make you a prep. I myself like to look nice, but to me looking nice is wearing a pair of jeans and a nice shirt, that doesn't mean that your way of having a nice appearance is wrong, nor is mine. It just means that we have different ways of expressing ourselves. And no. That is definitely NOT a bad thing.
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GomiToido : no haha this is not bad. the preppy style looks very nice. people usually call people preppy by the way they dress. but your style does not seem preppy. people consider the general preppy look as collard shirts, colored shorts, khakis, boat shoes (sperrys), polo, etc. you seem more trendy and fashionable then preppy from the way you describe yourself. I hope I answered your question :)
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srfecti644 : I dont think its bad at all! I actually really like your taste in fashion! Could you email me if your ok with it! I could do with your advice! :)
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agobeTaulge : It called judging a book by it's cover, just about everyone does it. Being called a prep is a terrible thing (even if your not actually one of them), it defines you as a snooty, high-class, self-concerned member of the high school caste system. They are practically the meme "First world problems" However if your ok with being classified with this, and don't care what people think, then you should be fine.
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annenseJoulge : Boots, jeans, scarves, and that look is very beautiful in my opinion for a woman.
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Veilepype : a lind ring worth. a lind ring worth
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