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Loasiarog : Islam has declared that Muhammad(PBUH) and his progeny are not entitled
to Zakat (Religious tax). Whereas you can see Christian Clerics getting lot
of funds and the Roman Catholic Pope living like a Roman emperor. Even
Jewish Rabbis are paid a handsome salary and perks. Muslim clerics on
the other hand live on the voluntary donations of people.

If Islamic injunctions were compromised the most likely area would have
been the income of originator and the clerics. Do you think this is enough
proof that Islam exists as originally revealed?
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epheropet : You are just as delusional
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Dwendydeave : There is no true religion but it does not mean that people cant belive in one
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Android Phones : By that logic, Buddhism is just as true.
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chuyun4841 : those who know The Truth recognize the deceptions....... ie: islam is a deception of the forces of evil
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tireargueme : The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest private charity on earth and in the USA. It invented the university and the hospital.

As for Jews, the Arabs in Israel enjoy the best standard of living and freedom of any country on earth. They even help rule Israel in the Knesset. (Google it and you may learn something on their government.)

As for islam, uh, what can one say. It was founded by a prophet who married a six year old girl and preached a ton of hate. Both are terrible by standards of humanity. Muslims in most Arab countries live in squalor and lash out about their poverty with disgusting horror. They are failures on a grand scale and want to fix it by blowing things up instead of building schools.

A nine year old girl was just kidnapped, drugged and strapped to a bomb coat in Pakistan. She thankfully got away when the scumbags who kidnapped her tried to get her to walk up to a military checkpoint. You won't find Jews and Christians and especially Catholics engaged in that sick kind of stuff. Look on Fox News dot com. The news story is still there. The bomb coat weighed in at twenty pounds. These barbaric dogs have been doing this with kidnapped boys for some time. The story was about how sick it is that they have branched out into girls.
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XRbertie : hey.. you must pay so much if you want to go to mecca for Umra. lol.

Don't you know that in India alone a person who want to go in Medina and Mecca will pay a minimum of 10,000 SAUDI Riyals. We are talking one person only. And according to statistic, there are more than a one million people will go Medina and Mecca every month.
Just imagine even a 10% revenue they will get 1,000 Saudi Riyals for one person on which you will get 1.00 Trillion Saudi Riyals Every Month WOW!
Hajj and Umra are become a good business in Saudi Arabia..

oh well... saudi arabia is not islam :-)
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yclaraf : Okay so I want to display all my jewellery on my bedroom wall and I'm not sure how to do it.. Any DIY ways you know of? :)
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buy neopoints :
It doesn't have to be gold but i like the ring and that specific letter. the arabic letter on the ring is called Jeem
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novaexate : Try
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