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grearoriure : Also, why than would conservative want to decrease funding for programs that help working people, such as social security, and increase programs to help the rich, like tax cuts and bail outs.

Try and prove me wrong, cons.

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kupasadlao : um, non sequitur(you scum sucking leftists are good at those)"The One" has ballooned the deficit and the debt while throwing money at programs for the poor
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IrrineeFurf : I usually go to kay jewelers for my jewelry. Till i realized they are just a rip off. I bought diamond earrings from them for 900$ and saw them somewhere else for 350$. I really want a necklace. I dont want to spend more the 200$ on one unless it is really good quality, i just want a cheap chain that will last and wont ever fade and not too cheap to the point it does. Any suggestion and what to look for and where to go?
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LoffVonosoomy : I usually go to flee markets. They're cheap but never fade.
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AnthonyCH : Cheaper necklaces fade because these are often made of plated instead of alloyed metals. If you really want to invest in jewelry, then you should search for pieces from reputable sellers, jewelers. You can view this site for bracelet, necklace, or ring sets. Two hundred dollars is a reasonable ceiling if you want jewelry of satisfactory quality, but you should really shell out more, as much as four hundred dollars if you want the best value.
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Molemejfvn : I bought a size 10 sterling silver ring engraved with a picture of a bumblebee because my name starts with a B online for a little gift. What finger will a girl's size 10 ring fit on a guy? He doesn't have chubby fingers or super skinny fingers either. Pretty normal guy hands. Thanks!
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depNetSaidava : if you want to know what ring size will fit then check out Best of luck!
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ForexSignals : Hi there! So I just got a job in a resteraunt. I am allowed to have piercings, but I must put in flesh toned jewelry. I take out my lip rings and septum piercing for the job because I have had them for a year and they won't close up. I just got my eyebrows done in may, so I cant take them out without them closing (not an option lol)

I have checked hot topic, spencers, online, silver castle/other piercing pagoda and stands, and even a few tattoo/piercing parlors. Please tell me where I can find flesh toned eyebrow rings! I bought clear retainer ones and I'm painting the ends skin tone for now, but I would like real skin toned jewelry.

Thanks in advance :D <3
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ivanbyss : forever 21
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elsebeth9 : Hey guys! I just moved to a new place and going to a new school and the dress code at the school is so strict! The dress code is black, navy blue, or white polo shirts. For pants you can either wear khaki or, navy blue pants. You can also wear BLUE jeans, not colored jeans, just regular blue jeans. As a girl you can wear stub earrings, and necklaces Do any of you know where you can get this stuff? I was thinking american eagle outfitters or aeropostale for the jeans. But I really don't know where to get any thing else. Also places that aren't very expensive. I am in 8th grade. Thank you very much for your advice!
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