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maymnarcabyJG : I recently learned to tie neckties. I am very pleased about this fact, but the only "tie" I own is a thin strip of cloth originally used as a hair band (it's also been a belt; long fabric). When I asked my dad for a tie, because he never wears his, he told me no. The reason?

Girls don't wear ties.

I hate being excluded from something just because I am a girl. For instance, my father also would not let me take a boxing class because it's a "guy's sport" or whatever.

I want a tie REALLY badly; I think they look classy and would go well with my favorite dress shirt. But my dad says that girls don't wear ties, except (in rare cases) for a job.

My question is: am I wrong here, or should I be allowed to wear a tie? Not everyday, just on days I want to look classy.
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DegreeMoon : Girl, I feel ya. I want to wear ties as well, but I'm just broke and the ties at goodwill are not cutting it.
These days, you should be able to wear what ever the heck you want, but you also have a father and a household to respect. It sounds like you guys already had a conversation and he's not budging. I suggest keep talking to him about it. Until then tough it out. I won't suggest going behind his back wearing ties and getting in the ring because life is not a Disney Channel movie and your dad won't let his pride in you winning class president or the state championships overcome his personal beliefs. Again, hold on until you're free.

But above all else, teach your kids (if you end up having them) differently. Don't keep them from certain things based on nonsense.

Happy Hunting!
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sxgigifsbsxl : well I went to a catholic girl school that required us to wear ties as the uniform. So I don't think ties are solely for guys?
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Jackmals : Hi I'm 16 and I've kinda been wanting to get my belly button pierced. I know I probably won't just cause ill never get around to it and convincing my parents is a pain but I was just wondering a few things. How bad does it hurt first of all? I have my ears pierced if its co parable to that. Also how long does it need to heal before you can take it out? And when you take it out how long are you able to leave it out for? Is it like earrings where u can pretty much leave them out for months or should I have a ring in most of the time? I was concerned because during the school year I swim competitively and wouldn't wanna wear it in the water especially with a one piece suit on. My practices are about 1.5-2 hours long and are 5 days a week. So do you think it'd be something I should look into more or should I just wait till I'm 18 and done with swimming? Anyways if you could answer all or any of these questions it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Escossebroods : I honestly barely felt it, hurts to touch after. Don't remove it till its healed and clean around it. Huge recommendation to wait after your done with swimming.
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hititapsecato : I have dark brown hair I am a fairly tannish color. What color top should I wear? And jewelry? Thanks.
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Ìîêëàøèí : 1. White ALWAYS makes you look tanner
2. Look for solid shirts or something with just one pattern (ex. stripes instead of little pineapples on your shirt)
3. Plan your background WITH your outfit. Don't go for a light blue shirt, and a blue background or purple background.
4. Try stores like Forever21, and Charlotte Russe for ideas :)

Best of Luck!
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nhedukoc : This is my first day of school outfit but I dont know whether to pair them with denim skinny jeans,black skinny jeans, white skinny jeans or blue skinny jeans

Outfit: White sheer flowy peplum top that has mini butterfly's on it and that also has a black crochet peter pan collar, black flats whith a tiny bit of floral print on it

Hair: Loose curls, with half up half down hair style with small bow

Jewelry: Heart key necklace, Love pink bracelet, Infinity Ring

Makeup: Light lip gloss, Mascara, Concealer

Really need suggestions on whether to wear black skinny jeans, denim, blue, white Which color is more fun? Thanks :)
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launtailk : Denim at its best ;)
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Miztiessy : Black skinny jeans. Since black looks go with everything. :)
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