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goodevry6 : My boyfriend and I are celebrating our two year anniversary soon and I want to get him a promise ring as a gift. He gave me a promise ring for our last anniversary. I was wondering if there was a place where I can purchase an inexpensive ($60 budget) ring in-store. I looked at some places but they only offer rings online.

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SicTweree : Kohl's or Target.
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UUVUV : I have not worn earrings in my ears for two years due to the fact that I noticed in my teens wearing heavy earrings were making the holes bigger, recently I noticed that one of my ears were getting a little scabby but took no notice of them till this morning and I noticed that the split on one of them has now divided into two..for no reason whatsoever as like I said I have not worn earrings for two years what can cause that?
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PenGliliabe : So i'm going to a night party soon and don't know if i should wear or


thanks :)
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csyez011 : For a night party defiantly the first dress because it look better and the accessories go with it
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wamyenganeumb : black lace dress with no necklace and the cord bracelet.
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Alibabamen : Wear the heart dress, heart necklace and cord bracelet (: I like all of those.
The first bracelet I guess would work.
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bduepqmk : Idk the dress seems like a fruenal dress or cheap figure something else, sorry if I sound rude
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inwawayzoob : Yes very cute!
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Aristidas : Not Pandora ones or anything, like the classic ones. I want to start making my own silver charm bracelet, but I'm having trouble find charms online. I don't want like a pre made charm bracelet that already has charms on it, I want to have fun collecting and customizing my charm bracelet with charms that mean something. I found a site, charmworks or something, and it was great cause they had categories of charms I could get and I had a great selection to choose from but.. there like $40, to $100 some of these charms and I can't spend that kind of money on tiny pieces of jewellery :( Do you know where I can find some charms for a bracelet at a reasonable price? Thank you :)

Smaller charms like this, for that kind of bracelet:
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