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Graiccaky : No true Republican can say that they are trying to save Medicare, because they use the big cuts in Medicare not for reduction of the deficit but instead to go to huge tax cuts for the wealthy. Someone making $1,000,000 will see their taxes go down by $100,000. While the average senior sees health cost go up $6,000. They also want to keep spending those billions of dollars to fund the military, which most people are against, I don't think we need to police the world.

Now I have had a job that payed into Medicare so I don't need to hear that I am lazy and want benefits :P

An honest answer would be most helpful, thanks! :D
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ImmonyIrobosy : They don't like "Socialism" for some stupid, made-up reason.
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Sariannes : You are wrong.
Obamacare will lower the quality of care for all the elderly when they are denied the rights to have certain medical procedures because they're too expensive and "their lives arent as important"
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tinacligath : The right wing has hated Medicare and Social Security since they were voted in years ago. They want huge corporations to make as much money as possible - at every opportunity and in every way possible. And the hugest of the HUGE corporations are insurance companies.

And any time we actually take care of people and use our heads, we cut into the profits of HUGE insurance companies - supporters of the Republicans.

Republicans love BILLIONAIRES... pure and simple.
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nostanomraw : The answer is very simple: so they can keep more money for themselves.
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abicerteriuro : They don't. That is an outright lie and your babble to try to support it is meaningless because it is not supported by the facts.
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jajidmeu : even democrats have admitted that medicare can't be sustained.

so why are you upset at republicans for agreeing with democrats?

VULCAN- when social security was voted in it was supposed to be voluntary.
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cronsonia :

I was thinking capri jeans in dark wash denim, black tube top,and red rose earrings. But then I thought, that's kind of dull! My style is vintage/preppy/feminine. Thanks!
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EliteScreens : More black and white with accents of color like turquoise or red. :)
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aniseeten : Any plain colored shirt (: A bright one would look good, also, you can wear like a blous, like a pink one. Try not wear really dull colors like brown and faded grey
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