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WeemArgurceek : My father has entered a nursing home and the county has appointed him a guardian/conservator. Total household income is around 4000 dollars per month. All in all the nursing home was not paid because my mother was still paying the mortgage on the family home as as one knows nursing homes are expensive. What has happened now is the court appointed guardian/conservator for my father has taken all income other than 400 dollars per month citing that my mother is responsible for past unpaid bills to the nursing home. What I NEED to know is how is this possible, they are not divorced, yet. I thought there was some law in place to secure her at least a certain amount of funds to live on. At first they said she was entitled to half, but now the county financial worker has reworked the figures and now my mother is only getting a check for 400 dollars a month. She is disabled in a wheelchair with Multiple sclerosis, my father used to verbally and physically abuse her. What I am asking is what can I do and what laws are in place in Minnesota that can protect her financial freedom and benefits. There are many more details, however these are the basics. Please help!

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Dwexotocreace : The fact that you think your dad is a bad guy and your mom is a victim is irrelevant.

The problem is that this family does not have enough resources to meet needs. Usually, the CHILDREN cover unmet needs. It seems you are more interested in judging.

If only there were such a thing as retroactive abortion there might be a good answer.

I weep for your eternal soul
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SeperoArropsy : Medicaid has a formula they use to determine how much money the spouse is able to receive when in a nursing home. The fact that a court had to get involved tells me that nobody here is competent. I've been through enough of these things that, even with your incomplete, rambling story, it sounds like things are kind of going the way they're supposed to.

I'm not sure why you felt the need to share all that about the abuse. It has nothing to do with paying the nursing home at all. Did you think this was a group therapy session or something?
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Normagree : I know receptionist is good, n something achievable with not too many requirements or degree needed...I don't know what other position to apply for. I'm having a difficult time, but really need a job to pay my bills just nothing that I'll have trouble doing like caring heavy things walking too much n stuff like that.
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epfvbfaz : Basically, whatever you are able to do is a great job to have.

You know your limitations. When you go through job boards online or in person, find out what the requirements for the job are and go from there.
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LixZipLiemy : I have had Direct TV for 2 weeks,and would like to find out from the community what the Bundle would cost a month. (TV phone and net) Had com-cast bundle and bill seem went higher each month.Almost $200.00 dollars.
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exacuutneak : WHICH bundle????

Ours is one step above basic with no extra movie channels or anything and with discounts it is 50 a month. Normally 100 a month.

And forget the one with phone and internet because they lie. I had that and they over billed me twice so I dropped the phone and just have the internet only on the phone line. So 85 a month for internet and my sat tv package.
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Icesaccurce : Help from the Heart needs your help. We are an anonymous group starting out and we need your help. We are looking for donations through Paypal to help out less fortunate people in Georgia and the rest of the country. We are 100% non-profit, all money donated is given out. How we work is through word of advertising. If someone needs help with paying an electric bill or needs food in the house, we provide it. We will pay the electric bill, we will provide a Kroger gift card. We will not give them cash, we wont pay their cell phone bill, we won't buy them a big screen, just what they need to get by. And it is short term, just to get them through a tough time. All we ask is a $5 donation, sent through Paypal to fms53@att . We will never ask for credit cards or bank account info. That is why it is safe. Then we ask that you pass this along to everybody you know, and ask them to pass it along and keep it going. If 25,000 people donate just $5, that is $150,000. $5 isn't much...a latte at Starbucks, or a pack of smokes. We ask for your help, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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camarok : You are not permitted to solicit on this site.
You need to prove you are a registered tax exempt nonprofit by providing your tax exemption number
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FDService : I know it various base on their pay. I would like to know because most of the jobs I had I am usually able to have at least $600-1000 after all my bills are paid. My bill now and from what I estimate is about $1100 monthly that is without food and gas. Is that expensive for a single independent person? I just never had my bill be that high, it's usually around 750-800. I would just like to know if any other single people out there pay this much or higher.

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