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juniperex : what is the percentage of job opportunities in u.s. or japan? how much do they make a year? will i have time to spend with my family? (im 14) will i have money to spend on extra stuff not just bills,taxes, food, ETC? what type of person do lawyers need to be? is it true that i only need 3 years of schooling to become a laywer?

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Artfooter : Bja
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ordilmida : Be an honest lawyer.
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Adjouttaccold : I have a 18 month old dogo argentino , he weights 85 pounds , hes very healthy , hes got every single shots needed n check ups are done on the regular . Other then the eating problem , hes not acting any diferent , hes playfull, energetic and everything else is like normal . These are our eating habits usually . I leave for work at 5 am everyday so my girl friend will feed Kingston 1 Beneful prepared meal around 10-11am, its like chiken mixed with veggies and sauce and other healthy stuff , its 283 grams each , then i come home at 4pm and ill feed him 1 Beneful prepared meal at 4 pm then at 7 pm i feed him 4 cups of dry food mixed with 1 can of wet food , and we have been doing this for about 10 months and for the last 3 days he has not eat hes dry wet food mix , and he has eat maybe 3 cups of dry food in the last 3 days , i realy would apreciate the help i love my dog very much and ive been working on trying to help him gain a few pounds and this is realy not helping. I no alot of u just say take him to the vet , but i just had the last check up 3 weeks ago due to hes dew claws sergury , i just finished paying off the vet a 2300$ vet bill and i would realy like to try and fix this on my own put obviusly if it continues i will take him to the vet. thank you very much for any help . from me and Kingston a pirate dogo.
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origneeficigo : Same with my dog and ughh idk my dog kills the wet food not dry we just changed it that might me it it was Pedigree and now it's Kibble bits and ugh yea it's geating meh scared...
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enzypsusy : Sounds like you are feeding him too much and too often.
A dog needs to be fed twice a day - once in the morning, once at night.
Check out Victoria Stilwell's books: It's Me Or The Dog: How To Have The Perfect Pet, and It's Me Or The Dog: Fat Dog Slim: How To Have A Healthy, Happy Pet.
I'm surprised if he is not over weight.
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ericl2299 : Maybe he's telling you that he read the label and realized that Beneful is garbage?

Is it really hot where you live? My dogs don't seem too enthusiastic about eating when it's hot.

Beyond that, the only good advice I could give is to call the vet and/or take the dog in. It's perfectly OK for a dog to skip a meal or two, but reluctance to eat over 3 days when the dog has had no previous feeding issues ... sounds like something's not right and the dog probably needs to be checked out by the vet.
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Unsuctict : your dog is not eating because it going to have puppies
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Wetepaimi : Is he vomiting? Is he constipated or does he have diarrhea? Is he lethargic? Does he have a fever? (Take his temperature rectally.)

If none of the above, you could wait another day or two
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Petertymn : If you are feeding him Beneful brand dog food, it is crap, not a healthy diet. Full of corn and by-product fillers. Also it is usually healthier to feed the dog about 8 - 10 hours between meals.

Try feeding him a quality food such as Wellness, skip the canned food altogether, and see if he doesn't start eating. You might also want to try a RAW diet.
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