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shumbamma : I want to know where I can get a DUI LAWYER, I clicked on Yahoo Canada which is what I wanted so I went ahead. The question is for those in London or Toronto or Windsor who have experienced this with MTO. Justice Hunter of Sarnia sentenced me to a year's driver's license suspension as a 1st time offender.

My lawyer said I must go to court and BE CONVICTED before November 1st 2010 because the law would change then - out of my favour. Last week (OCT 27, 2011) I went to get my license after the suspension and was told by Service Ontario to call "Back On Track" of which I never heard of - before I went to reinstate my license. Service O told me to call MTO and they said I am now on another suspension (what was the court for if MTO can hand out suspensions as they please) Now I need a lawyer to clean up this mess. I tried asking the local MPP for help with the MTO and they too were treated belligerently as MTO was with me when I phoned them. Can any one in London. TO., or Windsor help me???

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Skomenelrd : It's November 3rd, 2011... I think you're a little late.
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porvfdyseo : Yellow pages will have lots of Law Firms including those specializing in DUIs. You can also find lots of them visa any google search.
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reteAmeli : so let me give you insight of my sad life so far, i'm 23 years old, have no friends, will be homeless at the end of september, have no formal job experience or training, i only have my high school diploma, please dont tell me to go back to school, i would like to but how is that going to pay bills, and put money in my pocket.

my only passion in life is helping people so as you can imagine i've been stepped on by everybody throughout my life, i'm about to just lose my mind because i don't know what to do, i wouldnt mind working long hours everyday i can dedicate myself 100% to my job since i have no friends to distract me, what do i do? i don't want to work a minimum wage job until the day i die, whats the point in waking up everyday to go to work so you can pay your bills and have an extra $20 every month? i need some guidance or something i really don't know what to do, i'm a good person but lately i've even begun questioning my faith, the stuff i've been put through in life i just don't see how a superior being could do that to someone and now i'm going to be homeless? what do i do?
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Miztiessy : If you have no felonies or recent DUI convictions, you can get free tuition in many states to get truck driver training. You can be trained in about a month in some schools. Some large trucking companies offer you training to get your Commercial Driver's License but then you have to work for them for a year or so, and you will be "living in the truck", more or less. I went to a tech school training course, only about half of the original students actually got their licenses, but I did and was working within 3 weeks of graduating.
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Dwendydeave : Just found out that I'm pregnant, me and my boyfriend both work and live together with no much money. I don't want to have an abortion and I would do anything to keep our baby just as he does! I believe I'm 6 weeks pregnant (the test came back positive 3 times) We pay rent, lights and hope to get our phone bill down a lot cheaper to save as well as doing better with groceries because we eat out alot, PLEASE help we want our baby we just don't know what we can do!!
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weesiuddy : A baby costs $5,000 for the first year, and that doesn't include child care if you need to work.

No one "wants" to have an abortion. Just sometimes you do what's necessary. If you do it within the first nine weeks, it's like a heavy period and just involves some pills.

If you really think you can keep a baby, start working on what it would cost. Imagine it's a year and 8 months from now and you have a one-year-old. Look at how much diapers cost, and figure out what it would cost each month. Learn how many diapers a baby goes through in a day. Then look at foods for babies and figure out how much a child would eat. Think about how you would work and who would take care of the child during the day, and how much that would cost, or figure out how you would live on just your bf's income if you can't work. Depending on where you live, figure out how much medical care would cost -- you have no idea how much ear infection medicine costs, I bet.

You say you eat out a lot. Do you spend more than $200 a week on food at restaurants now? If you only spent $100 a week on groceries instead, then $100 a week extra is $5,000 a year. It would mean never eating out again, cooking at home, and being just as poor as you are now, but with a child. $100 a week for groceries is less than $14.29 a day to feed three people. Do you know how to do that?

Also, marry your boyfriend. If there's a reason to not marry him now, that's the same reason to not have a child.

Personally, I would recommend an abortion. You're not in a financial position to raise a child. If you're really against an abortion, look into adoption. There will be time for other kids once you learn how to support yourselves first.
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Poluza : Perhaps a prayer will clear your worries..I don't know how I can help you but God right now is the one you should ask from now..speak positive about yourselves en don't worry about tomorrow coz God is there my dear..congratulations..wish you all the best..may God bless you for keeping that innocent child..
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abyy1319 : Government assistance; Learn cooking skills and budgeting; maybe even move to a less expensive place. Plan to breastfeed, but if not, at least keep an open mind. WIC provides formula as well as food for you and for baby up to 5 years. They also usually have breastfeeding help, if needed. If breastfeeding and bottle, even more benefit. Food stamps may not be much, but any little bit helps. Just try to put away a little money every couple of weeks (preferably in a safe, or prepaid card.) I had my first child at 19, homeless, living on $105 /month. I breastfed and also got into the WIC program for just-in-case formula.
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goodevry11 : To save money on baby stuff you should start looking on amazon they have a lot of cheap stuff which compares to store items you'd save a lot example on amazon they have a crib that's only $100 as for in store it'll be like $300 .

It might have to come down to both of you getting a second job . That's the best I can say
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