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cooffcoasoli : I don't know if I have a case, therefore I would like to ask somebody who can tell me what I should do. It's related to the Labour law. I already tried sending email to some lawyers, no reply.....:(

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glammefly : Nothing is free lawyers won't answer believe me. Call up a Legal Clinic or Legal Aid Office
in Toronto - look in the yellow pages of the phone book.
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weebrorge : Try the two sites below. I'm sure there are more. The first one seems to have research libraries that you can use. The third one is a law library. You can do some research online, but you may get better results if you go to a library and read through various texts. Hope this helps. Take care!!
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Koposogie : This Might be able to help. It will tell you more
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exacuutneak : so let me give you insight of my sad life so far, i'm 23 years old, have no friends, will be homeless at the end of september, have no formal job experience or training, i only have my high school diploma, please dont tell me to go back to school, i would like to but how is that going to pay bills, and put money in my pocket.

my only passion in life is helping people so as you can imagine i've been stepped on by everybody throughout my life, i'm about to just lose my mind because i don't know what to do, i wouldnt mind working long hours everyday i can dedicate myself 100% to my job since i have no friends to distract me, what do i do? i don't want to work a minimum wage job until the day i die, whats the point in waking up everyday to go to work so you can pay your bills and have an extra $20 every month? i need some guidance or something i really don't know what to do, i'm a good person but lately i've even begun questioning my faith, the stuff i've been put through in life i just don't see how a superior being could do that to someone and now i'm going to be homeless? what do i do?
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squidoooo : Okay first start small , get 2 minimum wage jobs that way you could pay your bills and make some friends. Then you can make friends with a nice co worker and ask them if they know anyone who needs help, ( elderly since you like helping people) if they say yes take the job .
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alitGoascalse : Job choice should be based on what you are good at. Since you like helping people, but have no education, then you can do sales, ideally some specialized stuff where people need help. Best Buy if you are good with technology, Home Depot if you like home improvement, some clothes store if you are into that.
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Insenoloals : Option 1: Keep the same old shit with your life till you die.
Option 2: Kill yourself, and end your miserable existence;
Option 3: Start the fight in your life. Don't be a pussy. Have the will to change. Do whatever you want, just DO IT. If you want to go somewhere no one can't stop you. If you want to be something no one cant stop you too. If you don't like something no one can stop you changing it. It's so simple.
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EduKui-Heru : Mmmkay.

Today's tormented martyr is tomorrow's sadist. Those with farthest to fall, fall hardest. That sort of thing.

Point being, guess you'll have to harden up a bit. And as a result, the net amount of warmth in the world will decrease by just that much. Such is life, consider the phrase "life is hard". Ponder.

Well, since you're a man of faith, perhaps consider becoming involved with the clergy. Some are called to do this, indeed. Priests in-particular are people-centric and dynamic, as well as devout.

In the interim, guess you'll have to stop being a victim and find some sort of interim work inline with the skills you're bringing to the table. Presumably you have some, protestations notwithstanding. Dunno, man: I was professionally employed and a college grad two years by 23, but I was motivated to not have to live on the street. Amazing how much better life goes once it dawns on you no one can help you but you, the amount of work it takes to be successful.
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quegoglenossy : Congratulations!

u got no where to go BUT up !

get yourself to a library.

u can get an Education there for FREE.

find these at least to study and apply.
48 day to work you love, dan miller.
total money make over, dave ramsey.
what color is your parachute, r. bolles.
quitters, jon acuff.
rich habits, t. corley.
as for going to school , is no laws against
working 40 hours week and getting 2-4 classes
in every week.

as for "friends' library has books on how to
create / find friends.

as for homeless, find a shelter to live in while
u learn and earn. a good use car/van works also.

visit for careers/ jobs that are demand.

focus on getting yourself off streets , not 'helping' others.
sort of like u drowning while trying to help other
drown folks, not smart.
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