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srfecti644 : My dad was in an accident 2 days ago, it was in the news, but I want to keep the news articles on the internet confidential.
Where can I find Jewish lawyers near Toronto Canada?

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kakaoleokd : Why Jewish lawyers
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forexnewbiexg : I'd do a google search for
'Toronto, Canada Lawyer'
and then add in a jewish first/last name like,
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INTILIAGRAITS : He does not "need" a Jewish lawyer. He "wants" a Jewish lawyer. If it is that important to him, I suppose you could scan the Yellow Pages and call up every name that sounds "Jewish" to you. But it seems pointless, since one's religion has no relationship to one's competence.
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anydayerast : Funny, I'd always thought that the whole point of using lawyers in your community is that...well...they're in your community. So...Have you considered inquiring at your synagogue? (Though, really, I wonder if you are Jewish at all...because it would seem very odd to me that a Jewish community-oriented family would need to ask on the internet for Jewish lawyers.)

Quite frankly, your odds of getting a Jewish lawyer at random aren't bad. I'd estimate that about a third of Toronto lawyers are Jewish. (To put it in perspective, Ontario law schools generally observe the Jewish High Holidays.)
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MAjaleesa : So I wanted to know what would happen in this situation. I have great income, in fact I could have paid for my car completely with cash but I wanted to start rebuilding my credit. The car was 8500, I put down 4500. My loan balance is $4000 over 36 month simple interest car loan. My monthly payment @ 23.99% is like $250, and over 3 years with interest my total would be almost the same as the total cost of the car!

So what would happen if next month I just pay $3950 on my loan leaving me with $50 left on the loan and 35 months left? Would my billing statement adjust to make my monthly payments really really small for the remaining 35 months. Thus saving me the headaches of paying ungodly interest and still retaining the benefits of paying an installment loan on my credit for 3 years?
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Kraslibbb : Read the fine print on car loan to see if it allows additional payments or early repayment and such. Or call the bank that sends you statements and ask.

You can also try to pay $500 or $1000 in one month, and see how much the principal balance on your statement changes.

You can also build up your credit history by getting a credit card, spending money on it, and paying it on time so you get no interest.
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drormmubS : Mercy your credit must be really lousy if you paid almost 50% and still have a rate of 24% interest. Your best bet is pa off that car and then work on what ever is causing you to get a 24% loan.

By the wa you next month the who 50 would be due it would not affect your payment amount.
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yhceameyqasb : i spent a lot of money on my moms credit card with out here knowing and she will probably get a bill in the next few days cause i did it about a month ago. i know i am a horrible son for doing this to her and i feel sooooo ashamed of myself for it so please don't tell me how bad of a thing it was to do. i plan on getting a job soon cause i just turned 15 and pay her back but i just want to know how to make her less mad cause i don't like being yelled at, what should i do should i like tell her and then hide from her until she calms down or what?
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zlhdcwbl : you should just tell her. she'll understand, and mothers always get that we make mistakes. trust me, she won't be nearly as pissed as you're expecting.
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