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VRudikon : is there a canadian version of "judge judy" ?
i mean i see all these american real court cases live on TV and can have better understanding about the law through these TV programs. but most of these promote american law.

is there any canadian real court cases we can watch on TV?
can we download the digital media of past real court cases which have been recorded?
i'm looking for videos of real court cases in canada which will help me understand canadian law better
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Akassir : Judge Judy is NOT a real Court. It is an ARBITRATION Court that is used by the litigants to get on TV. Please be careful about what you "learn about the law" from these types of shows. Yes most are run by former Judges, but the key word is FORMER. I can't say if Canada has an arbitration Court TV show or not though.
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ArridoNop : "Real" court cases in Canada don't get videotaped. It's illegal to videotape Canadian court proceedings.

However, the courts themselves are open to the public, and you're more than entitled to go to the nearest courthouse and observe proceedings.

Be warned, though: "Real" court, in Canada or the U.S., is not nearly as dramatic as those nonsense "Judge Judy" type shows, and is usually quite dull.
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Accopidanda : Northern has it right.

In Canada, no cameras are allowed in ANY court room, and no tape recorders, either.

A Canadian Judge, or Magistrate, would NEVER speak to any one as Judge Judy does. They would be brought up to a "professional standards hearing " in front of three senior Judges, to be disciplined.

Canadian Judges are held to account by the Provincial Minister of Justice, and his deputies, for their behaviour and judgements.

Lawyers in a Canadian court room are subject to strict rules of behaviour. For example they cannot walk around the court room, they have to stand in one place, and speak. They MAY be required to wear a standard gown and collar and vest, not a business suit, depending on the court level that they are arguing in. That eliminates the "suit wars " that American lawyers indulge in.

Jurors in a Canadian trial ARE NOT EVER allowed to speak to the media, or discuss ANY case that they sit on. That is a criminal code offence, and they cannot profit from being a juror, by writing a book, or being a "consultant " for a film production. That is a life time ban, by the way.

Judges in Canada may issued a "order to have a publication ban " to prevent the media from reporting the day day to day testimony, DURING a trial. After a conviction has been made, the media is then free to report the facts of that trial. This is to prevent the jury from being corrupted by media reports, during the trial.

Courts are OPEN to the public, so if you want to go and watch, you may do so. Be prepared to be bored.

Jim B

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uglg6n : I was born with an ability... (No judgement on what its called or what it is.) And at the age of..... I'll say 4 maybe 5 as I remember I was molester by a man (i told a woman when i finely came out and tell about what happen I would write the word man. I wanted to write the word guy but seeing how all words are synonymous to the deflation they carry, any word will do) I was sexily abused and was so.... not shocked but one of those words that are synonymous, that I ask with the ability that I was born what was happening and recived no reply that I remember but I may have heard the reply that "I don't know" or "thay wouldn't tell me." But anyhow I asked what was happening in the special way and was frozen still and could do nothing but wate for a reply well the man molested me. Now as I go on I find myself always looking in to the whys and hows the mind works of being molested, i dont know if this is to pay to the knolage of being molested or not but after being molested i dont see having to pay of something that happen and is a harmful thing. I didn't always look into molesting and most of the time could not care about it because I am always trying to forget about it and therefor its forgetin. Every time I seen the word which is not often. I alway kept it to myself and just never think of it. I haven't molested and would not know to much about the mind of a molster in fact i love childern and get along well with them. But whell he was molsting he was looking as if waiting for the answer himself. I believe that as I got oulder the "secret" and the personal judgment about what happen was past to me by who ever else the ability is connected to. Now it's like I I found myself be raped physicaly be this/these guys. He/she and or they forced something up imto my butt and it was left there for mouths. I when to many men and woman and none did anything about it. In fact thay laughted. At the time I could do nothing about it. I went to the police In MANEY ways and that still did nothing. Nether did the police. I even when to the police station and asked to make a police report and some lady just wrote on a post it and said nothing. This whent on for mounts as I have wrote, I even notified many educators because I'm in school and the teaching is that if you are being molested to let a teacher know to receive help. And i even let a judges or two know. I heard a lot of talking in the background like "don't let him do this" or that as if to cover up their part in how I'm being sexly assaulted. Not knowing what to do I just wated. Seeing how I notify all the people that are viewed as being able to help. I was even assaulted by most of them. What should be done? I was raped by a exgirlfriend and whent went to the hospital and told them that I was raped hoping that they would make a real police report because I don't believe that I post it is a police report but they just took vaitials and called me about the bill. Thay never call the cops to make a police report or anything. That didn't even ask me if the person that raped me looked femiler.also they didn't even do a rape kit. The nusers who where women acted as if nothing happen. I am on a form of goverment ausistences and am not shure if that is the reason or not. My hole life I have lived a good life helping people both man and woman and don't see the reason something like this would happen, if there is something that you guys may do that would help me I would apperate it.
Once I wrote about the rape I was told by the form tealapothey that the report was.... don't with the notion that it was a police report and that nothing will still be done.
Then the rapest or molester is rapping or molesting** and trying to get that me to think that they im doing something wrong and trying to get myself to brake the law so that myself can not go to someone for help.?! This is serious!

**(molesting: raping someone over a long period of time)

Is there sane people out there?!?!
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ArridoNop : 2 Apartments in dwelling, zoned single family in Durham Ct. 06422. No existing CO on record. 1 unit has no access to it's electric/fuse panel. HVAC duct work shared between both apartments, one apartment vents into 2nd separate apartment. Electrical wiring of dwelling (consisting of 2 apartments) done by non licensed electrician. Both separate apartments, and all common lights run off of one meter, located in one apartment. CL&P does not have access to meter for accurate reading. Meter, located in separate unit is read by that tenant, reading is phoned to landlord, (account is in his wife's name only), electric bills for each tenant,with amount due payable to CL&P, are hand written and then delivered, & attached to tenants doors by landlord. No copy of bill provided. Each tenants monthly electric bill is VERY high! When tenants contacted CL&P regarding this situation, they were informed that as the account was in landlords wife's name, an inspection or any other action would not be possible, but that rectifying these matters would be important. Your input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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tianlan200 : call the city offices
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exacuutneak : MOVE!
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theomarttesc : Building department. Be prepared to move the same day.
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7HealthInsurancer : In Az I bought. a gun from a guy who was ex army and. Swat team officer. The gun got sold around to my friends boss. Now he is asking for the bill of sale to that swat guy. I'm due to go on to my duty station here soon as I am active army. Would the stolen gun fall on me in any way if I gave up that bill of sale??

What I mean is I bought and sold the gun not knowing it was stolen. Now my friends boss was charged with possessing a stolen gun if I gave up that bill of sale am I lyable or would they use it to get that officer?

BTW I can't add details to a current active question on mY phone
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