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suigicagriels : So I live in Canada [Toronto, Ontario to be exact] and am concerned about the self-defense laws.

1) If a robber comes into my house, what can I do to him? Is it true I can't attack them and they have to attack me first before I can action? Am I allowed to kill an intruder?

2) Does Canada have anything similar to the USA Castle Laws/Stand Your Ground Laws?

3) What are the gun laws? Am I not allowed to store weapons at home and use them against robbers? I think its absolute bs if you cant even defend yourself in your own home.

4) If I'm being robbed at knife point/gun point and I know I will be killed am I allowed to retaliate?

4) Will I seriously go to jail from defending myself from dying?
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Speemersmoima : If you got into a very serious situation. You will experience adrenaline rush. Fight or flight? I think you should retaliate in situation number 4. But, best of all - prevention is the most appropriate action. self defence would be the last option - only if in the number 4 situation or if you can assure yourself you will not get harmed. Killing is forbidden but if you killed the burglar, better get a good lawyer and surely you will win the case, of course if you got good factual evidences or witnesses.
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yalicen : (1) You're entitled to use reasonable force to prevent a break-in or remove a trespasser from your home, but you can't kill them unless you reasonably fear death or grievous bodily harm and you don't have any lesser way of preventing it.

(2) No.

(3) Gun laws are complicated. Some guns are permitted in the home, but have to be stored securely, and separately from their ammunition, which must also be stored securely. While, strictly speaking, it's possible to justify using a firearm to defend yourself from a threat of death or grievous bodily harm in a home invasion situation, it's impracticable, because if you have an opportunity to get your weapon and ammo and load your weapon, you probably have other avenues open to you.

(4) (a) and (b) When you're at knife-point or gun-point, you usually have a reasonable apprehension of death or grievous bodily harm, which permits you to use any necessary force to protect yourself, including force likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm. (This is not carte blanche. If you disarm your opponent first then shoot him with his own gun, you may still go to jail, if you can't satisfactorily justify your decision to shoot him *after he was disarmed*.) All that being said, in most circumstances it's pretty dumb to try to fight an assailant.

It's the real folly of the "firearms for self-defence" position: In a world where everybody has guns at their hips, you won't know your assailant until he has his gun in hand pointed at you, and your gun will still be at your hip, not doing you very much good at all. In general, unless you're well trained in combat, you'll usually do well to assume that the guy who lives as part of a criminal underworld can take you on.
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gfrankp : He had a higher average approval rating than his successor Bill Clinton and served as VP under one the most popular Republican presidents in history, Ronald Reagan. What went wrong during his re-election and why did he lose so bad? In his first election he got 426 electoral votes but only 168 in his second election.
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jqo8z53fe : He broke his promise of "No new taxes".....
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Brupleglype : a recession and the GOP had won the last 3 elections
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kViktuk : He didn't try hard enough.
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moment7q : Bill Clinton was impeached for inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinski - He's not in the least a role model for how to run the white house.
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Alexander_john : He broke his pledge to not raise taxes, ross perot siphoned conservative votes from him,and bill clinton was extremely charismatic.
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