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CobyStoll : It was one of those promises to the American people that he reneged on and it came back and bit him in the butt.

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PartVarkBot : Couldn't keep his word, string third party, and after three terms of the same party, every mistake is magnified.
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liamnigousnum : He was a lack lustre first term President and he did not follow through in the First Gulf War ... !
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Wenoancenny : well he just kept it in the family, he just passed the torch to his son in law
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tieday0826 : There are many reasons.

One was voter fatigue - it's rather uncommon for president/vice president combos to win elections for 16 consecutive years in the US. As a country, we like to mix it up from time to time. Clinton campaigned on fresh, new ideas instead of the same thing that voters had been hearing since 1979.

Another reason was Bush's "no new taxes" pledge that fell through. That failure was often citen in the '92 campaign, especially since it happened about the same time as the economy became rather sluggish in the last few years before the big Internet boom revived the economy in the mid 90s.

Another reason was charisma. Frankly, Bush looked rather aged and tired in comparison to the much younger and energetic Clinton.
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pamEnera : the media and Ross Perot, it was the Dem who raised taxes but bush signed the bill back when we actually had a budget.
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lolowsNem : Where should i throw crankbaits? What is the difference in square bill and the normal type and is there specific colors or type or depth to throw them in?
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asdrjh536 : I like to fish in outlets, and go towards the weed beds. Most of my lures are Rapala perch colored. I've also had a lot of luck with my Yozuri in a more silverish color.
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songfeng301 : Hey, I have a 1953 $2 Bill with a blue star in it. Is it worth much? I don't know if maybe somebody just stamp a star in the bill but it looks legit.
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olgabuzova : I live in the state of SC and got into a car accident 6 months ago , the police asked me to do the road side sobriety test and i refused. They took my D.L. and gave me a piece of paper telling me I lost my Lic. for 6 months. And a "ticket" for DUI. My 6 months is up tomorrow.
However my case hasn't gone to court yet? My lawyer keeps postponing it.
Will I get my Drivers Lic. back even though my case has NOT gone to court yet? Or will i have to wait till the court decides whether or not I'm guilty of the DUI?
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