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eraractiorO : I blame the media
they portrayed him as not caring
while the more charismatic Clinton, even though he had a lot of baggage
came across as more
I feel your pain sympathy

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kashtunica : Death Panels?
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OthefShoratte : He said he would not raise taxes.

The Democrats in Congress did, overriding his veto.

That and the fact his campaign was weak
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loyalsecils : Ross Perot was one of the reasons another was his no new taxes slogan.
Clinton was a fresh new face as well.
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zIvigiorryize : Because Clinton had his number. Now they are friends with a great understanding.
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Tano576igL : Wow, for once the user Tha White Man is right about something...
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lymnyaneeftgx : he didnt offer enough free shit to all the takers.
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jackkingp18 : Honestly, Reagan wasn't a great president. Neither was Dubya Sr. The American people knew this......(I think)
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Evissezed : The tax lie was one reason.

Flirting with WW3 in the person of Saddam -- and putting our necks on the line for no reason ten years before his son did the same damned thing -- was another.

The third reason -- Bush's coup de grace -- was sterling lack of charisma. It's not his fault, but he was a born charmer, like Dick Cheney.
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BoarveGeado : Read my lips: He f***** up. That was back when people actually cared about being lied to.
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