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Spaleabegebew : Hello, I live in ontario toronto. I have a landscaping company,and signed a contract with a family to do work for them a year ago. we signed the contract on september 7, and i verbally agreed to start their job roughly 1 week from that day. however, I was unable to finish my previous jobs due to the rain, thus i told them that their starting date must be delayed. On the 21st, they called me again, and half way through the conversation, the call was cut due to bad signals. I called them back asap, and they shouted at me for cutting their phone, thus they wanted to cancel the contract. they paid me 1000 dollars of deposit, and they want it back now that a year has passed. do i legally have to give them back the money because they cancelled the contract due to a bad phone signal? What are the chances that ill win if we do go to court? what is the worst thing that can happen if i lose?
I did draw them blueprints for the designs of this projects which i did not charge them because i assumed that they will let me do their job. however, since they cancelled the contract, they basically took my designs and blueprints free of charge.

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brilsBuri : I think it's pretty likely you have to pay them back. You committed to a starting date which you didn't meet, and you never did the work. What were they paying you for then? I would say if you don't want to look like a really shady business person, you should be paying them back anyway. How could you justify keeping the money otherwise? You didn't actually provide them with any service. It doesn't matter why they decided to cancel the contract. You never did any of the work.
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Reittyengewem : You don't believe that yourself! They called to cancel the contract that you reneged on. You owe them the it. No judge is going to award you the right to keep their deposit.
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DSjerrold : The question is "Who breached the contract?" If you hadn't breached it in a fundamental way before they cancelled it, then, depending on the language in the contract, you may be entitled to keep the deposit.

It also depends on contractual terms regarding the start date. In this sort of work, start and completion dates are notoriously flexible, so I'd say that there's a pretty good chance that they would be seen as not having been entitled to cancel the contract.

Nobody here can really give you an estimate of your odds of success, but if they successfully sued you for $1000, that would go through Small Claims Court. Ontario's Small Claims Court system has a very limited jurisdiction for costs; if you lost after a trial, you'd probably have to pay an additional few hundred dollars for their legal costs.

If it were me, I would likely just let them try to sue me if they wanted to. Hiring a lawyer or paralegal would be prohibitively expensive for the amount in issue, so they wouldn't be in a position to make a claim unless they represented themselves. Many people aren't willing to do that, and there's often a fair chance that chincy claims will go away if you ignore them. But if they did serve me with a claim, I might consider making my own defendant's claim for my lost profit on the contract - if they're found to have breached the contract, there's likely a legit claim for lost profit.
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rdrpxlnlne : My previous landlord owes me a pro rated rent for last month. I have given a month to give me payment. But it was not written. I gave a 30 day notice and paid full month. They moved someone in without me knowing before I moved out. They packed up my stuff and put it in a closet so I could come and get it without me knowing. I didn't know until after I went to get it. They had moved her in on the 11th of the month. They claim they haven't been paid and will give me the refund when he gets paid. The prorated rent the new tenant paid they said they put towards there utilities. I've been very understanding. But now its getting ridiculous. My money should not have gone towards ther bills its not ny problem. I did not say ok to it either. If its about them making sure all their bills are paid we will never receive a payment. I have a 10 month old and my utilities are about to be shut off. Also is texting considered written notice? It says we need to give reasonable amount of time and idk how much time is reasonable. Also how much is small claims?
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Jeniferxfs, : I root for the Miami Dolphins because I was born and raised in south Florida and all my family and friends rooted for them. I also root for the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants if they aren't playing the Eagles because my grandmother and cousins are form eastern Pennsylvania/New Jersey and my mom is from New York. I also root for whoever is playing the Patriots, Jets, Bills, Redskins, and Cowboys.
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intuiciog : cowboys because i felt like it. btw, happy shrodinger day!!!
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BadBobbiehui : Patriots...because I like them
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bestkunmaza : I root for the Patriots
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isurongcany : I root for the Patriots, because I was born in Mass, and even though I live in the bay area today I've never stopped rooting for them. Most people here assume I'm on the bandwagon, but I've actually been a fan of them since 90s.
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