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Illishgighemo : I know I have to go to law school, and then practice law, but I want the details, for example if you are appointed, or you apply, and etc.
Thanks, but now I have another question. Is it possible to become a juvenile lawyer. Like is there any certain course you take in law school, or do you take all the general course, and then only practice juvenile law, when you pass your bar examination and finish law school.

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Xenanicovan : No such thing as a juvenile court judge, really. There are Provincial Court judges and Superior Court judges, either one of which can end up sitting in criminal matters (though the former are far more likely), including matters under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

In order to become either, you need at least ten years at bar (that is, as a practicing lawyer), and in practical terms usually much more.

More to the point, you don't go in with the hopes or expectation of becoming a judge. In my first year of law school, my criminal law professor pointed out to the class that we really don't want judges who consider a seat on the bench to be their ambition, so lawyers who make it known at an early stage in their career that they want to become judges...well, they don't.

He was appointed to the bench a couple of months later, which if nothing else suggests that he may have known what he was talking about.

There is an application process, however - judicial vacancies get posted by the Provincial government. The appointment is ultimately made by the Attorney General, but in consultation with members of the legal profession and judiciary.

ETA: A license to practice law in Ontario is sufficient to practice any and every area, subject to professional responsibility requirements that require a lawyer to ensure that works he takes on is within his competence. Specializations or practices limited to certain areas of law, however, are quite common, especially in Toronto and other major cities.

Whether or not you could limit your practice to a certain area depends largely on its financial viability.

"Juvenile" law...isn't really a term we use. I'm assuming that you're talking about the subcategory of criminal law dealing with juvenile offenders. I'm not familiar with any lawyers who practice exclusively in that area, but that's not to say that it isn't possible.
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TrubrelugSX : so let me give you insight of my sad life so far, i'm 23 years old, have no friends, will be homeless at the end of september, have no formal job experience or training, i only have my high school diploma, please dont tell me to go back to school, i would like to but how is that going to pay bills, and put money in my pocket.

my only passion in life is helping people so as you can imagine i've been stepped on by everybody throughout my life, i'm about to just lose my mind because i don't know what to do, i wouldnt mind working long hours everyday i can dedicate myself 100% to my job since i have no friends to distract me, what do i do? i don't want to work a minimum wage job until the day i die, whats the point in waking up everyday to go to work so you can pay your bills and have an extra $20 every month? i need some guidance or something i really don't know what to do, i'm a good person but lately i've even begun questioning my faith, the stuff i've been put through in life i just don't see how a superior being could do that to someone and now i'm going to be homeless? what do i do?
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Groolipioli : You sound like the perfect candidate for voluntary service overseas... where you can make a real difference and get an amazing new perspective on what really matters in life. You won't earn any significant money but you will have the experience of a lifetime and be way more employable when you come back... if you ever do.
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aviatiogfs : Now, dont hate me, but, have you considered joining the military? I have been in the navy 10 years. most of the time its great. I am not a recruiter, and i will tell you that sometimes, its not fun. But if you dont love where you are in life, you could do 4 years, get a degree while your in or after you get out. It pays well compared to other no-degree-required jobs, and the benefits outweigh the costs in most cases. would make new friends, AND help people all over the world.
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Varvef : Bill Clinton /watch?v=dWm8riukyeM

Hillary Clinton /watch?v=DkS9y5t0tR0
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y8es6sho0v : Bush did it.


End of Sentence.

The rest is history.
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torpwelmeo : GW Bush did it regardless of your facts/revisionist history....

Unbudgeted for both Iraq + Afghanistan...

Why do you think we have outrageous Debts + Deficits today in the budget?

Deal with it.....
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KitActick : The entire Clinton administration was speaking of WMDs and the threat Saddam posed to the world.
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arroraceags : No one refuses to admit that. We just put it in a different context than you apparently do.
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