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temoenjoymn : I read somewhere that y'all take the LSAT like we do over here in the United States.. but is the law school almost the same?

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Asyncinaccich : Not all schools require the LSAT.
The legal theory is the same, but the focus is more on Canadian law.
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NamImpaimafes : Outside of Quebec (which has a different legal system altogether), law school is pretty functionally similar in Canada to the U.S.

Unlike an American law degree, a Canadian law degree is technically an undergraduate degree. Most law schools don't yet require a full four years of university before admission to law school, though they're moving that way, and the vast majority of law students do have a four-year undergrad degree already.

In most respects, law school is very similar in Canada to the U.S. There are, naturally, differences between schools across the board, but the legal systems are very comparable, so while the contents of what you learn are a bit different, the process is similar.

That being said, in Canada we don't have the same kind of educational hierarchy that exists in the U.S. There's no such thing as "top-tier" law schools. There are 16 English-speaking law schools in Canada (and yes, all of them require the LSAT for admission), and while the University of Toronto thinks that it's fundamentally superior and Queen's likes to call itself Harvard North, the truth is that one Canadian law degree is just as good and valuable as the next.

There are other differences in actually becoming a lawyer, however. In Canada, we're generally more accepting of foreign law degrees. Somebody with an American law degree has to satisfy a Canadian accreditation agency that they have the principles down, but that's not a huge hurdle. Most U.S. States only permit people with ABA-accredited degrees to become lawyers. (New York is one exception. I have friends from my Canadian law school class who wrote the New York bar right after finishing law school...they were New York lawyers before we could become Canadian lawyers.)

The most significant difference, however, is that Canadian lawyer candidates are required to "article" - it varies a little by Province, but it's a year (give or take) of work akin to an apprenticeship, working under the supervision of another lawyer or a judge, before you can become a lawyer. As far as I know, there's no equivalent in the U.S.
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Weanceencable : BQ: if so which s ex is more likely to fall into the trap and what will happen /watch?v=N-qjc17KEsc - Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock Around The Clock Bandstand 1960
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PamPypeUrbare : No. Music soothes the soul.
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Irretssturami : Well, we cannot have any gyrating pelvis action seen on television, can we? After all, some of those home television screens are as big around as a 45 r.p.m. record!

Think of the children!
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Kenoquaweenceei : Ok please help me out guys I'm so worried about my mam/mum/mom (wherever you're from). We live in Sunderland in the UK and she has been travelling down to places like Birmingham and even places near London that take up to 4 hours to drive to do her job once she gets there. She wakes up earlier than 5 o'clock in the morning to set out to go to work when she has to travel. She never sleeps during the night EVER because of work constantly being on her mind. She looks so so tired and the rare nights she does come home, she barely has the energy to talk and she is always falling asleep on the sofa. I never see her, it really upsets me to see her working so hard when she can JUST about pay the bills. She's working for nothing, any spare cash she has she puts it towards grocery shopping. She never gets the chance to buy things for herself.

Things are really bad and busy at work at the moment and tonight she said something that worried me. She said "if I wasn't going on holiday next week I really would go mental" and she really meant it! I know when she's being serious. I'm so scared incase she makes herself ill and is eventually diagnosed with depression or something like that. I want my old mam back! I really don't know what to do. Any advice guys? Thank you!
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Ererryhew : Pray for your mother and trust that God will help her find a different job or get more rest or whatever she needs. I'm praying for you kk?
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hanoInsoxia : I got a new iPod and I'm afraid of it billing me for all the stuff I didn't have backed up on my computer
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xurzlwmz : Yes, you should be able to redownload for free if signed into the account that has previously purchased the music. I remember getting a new computer, signing in, and having iTunes automatically show me the songs I had purchased years ago.
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