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esyez011 : I am a superintendent at a high end condominium in toronto ontario canada. The building is 2 years old now and I have been here from the start. The board of directors replaced the original property management company due to them not bending over for them. They introduced a lazy cheap company that has been running the place into the ground. The new company has been with us for 9 months. There are many issues at hand, unsafe working enviroment, lack of maintenece, my contract not being honored. Lets start off with them replacing the current companies such as the cleaners and concierge with cheap motel 6 like companies as the property management itself. I was promised nothing will change however it turns out I get to clean 1/3rd of the building on a daily basis. I have not had a day off in 8 months now since the new cleaners and security have been in. I work 7 days a week with a minimum of 6 hours a day on weekends. I receive no extra compensation. My contract states i shall receive tools, work clothes and cell phone. I have been asking for a working cell phone for 9 months ( the original one receives no signal and i need to get calls for garbage pick up or else i miss it) so i am forced to use my personal cell phone. The managers also use this number as a contact. It has been over 3 months for work clothes and serveral more for petty cash or tools. 6 weeks ago i handed in recipts (250$ for tools i spent) and have not seen a dime. My contract also states that i am to have 2 days off one week and 1 the following. Nothing gets done around the building. The office makes mistakes on a weekly basis that i myself correct. I am not respected and due to my age ( 23)nor i am not listened too. The property manager does not even call any more when she comes by because I always give her a list of items that we need to take care of. She comes once a week for 10 min to pick up notes and that is it. My stress is going through the roof, I can barely function with my wife or doggie at the end of the day due to being so burnt out. The conceirge and residents agree with me they are trash. Also the garbage chutes have no locks on them so when i have to do daily cleaning under them, at times bottles come down. The only line of defence for this is a notice and tape on the chute room doors which have proved not to work. I asked her nicely for months now can we get saftey locks but nothing has been done. It took the property manager 7 months to order in a standard garbage bin for me. Long story short I would like to go on ei and take classes. I love my building and my condo owners but i cant keep up with everyones job. Would i be eligable concerning the cercumstance?

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ComprarViagraVN : Wow! What a mess. The company that took over has a slew of violations according to what you've told us. When you said ei did you mean unemployment insurance?
I'm not sure if its the same in every state but in California you can quit a job and get unemployment compensation AFTER a hearing in which you will have to provide some kind of logical proof that you quit the job for a very good reason.

I think its safe to say you have several of them. Safety being the main one, being overworked with no pay is another. Many of the policies this new company has are illegal and detrimental to your safety. If I were you I would report them. I would also make a demand in writing and send it certified mail return receipt, (keep copies and records# of the purchases you made for reimbursemet. #don't forget to include the cost of the mailing in your demand letter) Their business practices are completely illegal and you are entitled to receive your reimbursement immediately.

In your demand you should state that you have waited long enough and you will have to sue them if they don't comply with the reimbursement immediately. While you're at it, I would also remind them that they are not complying with the other items in your contract and if this continues you will report them to OSHA! That should get them motiviated, if not they might fire you for that but if they do, first of all you won't have to prove any reason for quitting to get Unemployment and more importantly you can sue them for a lot more than just pay and reimbursement. You can sue them for pain and suffering, emotional stress, etc.....

Furthermore, they cannot overwork you without pay. 40 hours a week is the max you're required to work unless its in your contract but even then there has to be compensation for the overtime or a period of time that you're off to make up for the extra hours worked. If your contract states you must work overtime without any compensation then its flawed and that works against them if this goes to an unemployment hearing.

Its time for you to think about yourself and your family - not the people who live in the condo's. First find out the laws for unemployment compensation in your state. Its pretty easy to do. try this site as a start for your research.

hopefully from there you can ask more in-depth questions such as eligibility for compensation if you quit. If you don't find your answers then call the employment office near you and talk to a rep. Ask them if you can quit and be eligible.

whatever you do don't mention the fact that you want to collect UI and take classes.If a question comes up by the UI you could say its an option you thought about but I think the best thing is to keep that out.

good luck

Thomas, I realized you're in canada so I've changed the links to reflect that. I've also found several others which may answer your questions regarding eligibility requirements:

here's a link for Canada's labor code and health and safety requirements for employers:
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enhartythedge : A lot going on here. Let's start with the basics:

(1) Paragraph breaks. Use them. Grammar, punctuation, and breaking things down into readable blocks is essential for actually communicating what is going on, and if you're hoping to eventually succeed in any sort of legal proceeding, including an EI application, you need to communicate yourself properly.

(2) "unsafe working environment" What's unsafe about it? Truly unsafe conditions would violate the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and while there's a right to refuse unsafe work, you could also skip right to calling the Ministry of Labour.

(3) Change in working conditions: The increase in hours and the change in duties can generate legal remedies. If you've been dealing with it for 8 months, then at a certain point you might be seen as having accepted the changes, depending on circumstances. You'd also need to show that you were required to do these things - showing clear causation as to how and why your duties changed, and that management was aware of these phenomena and of your concerns and failed to address them.

(4) Failure to provide promised benefits: What resolution steps have you taken on these? Perhaps you're being ignored, or perhaps you're just not making your expectations clear enough. For the non-payment of a $250 reimbursement to even be a *factor*, you're going to need to be able to show follow-up efforts, queries (in writing) as to when you can expect to receive it, why you haven't received it yet, etc.

(5) Not being listened to: It's often arguable whether or not a person in high responsibility is *entitled* to be listened to. Particularly with a short-service junior superintendent, I'd be inclined to say 'no', and suggest filing it away under "N" for "Not my problem". Make sure you've put your recommendations, requests, queries, etc., in writing, and kept a log and copies of them and all your follow-up attempts. That way, when the residents get fed up and elect a new Board of Directors, which comes looking for someone to blame, you can show them the efforts you took to do things right. Papering everything helps to insulate yourself from 'scapegoating'.

EI does have a standard for employees having just cause to quit, which is fairly similar to the test for constructive dismissal. Is it possible in a case such as this? Maybe. I'd probably contact HRSDC to see if they'll give more specific guidance, but I doubt they would. It may also be prudent to speak to a lawyer - if there is a constructive dismissal situation here, it could generate remedies beyond simply being able to quit and get EI.

That being said, it should be noted that 'taking courses' isn't always regarded as reasonable conduct after involuntarily leaving your employment. It's a very fact-based analysis.
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Ubnolermef : Im only 16 but im not planning to leave until im 17 and have enough money to have my boyfriends family rent me a place in Arizona. I currently live in Washington. I want to live apart from my parents until august with my sister but paying my side of the rent, for my clothes, food...basically being on my own because my parents dont want me in their home and treat me and my boyfriend like trash.
My parents dont accept my boyfriend because he lives in Arizona and im in washington, a long distance relationship. Every time i try to warm my mom up to my boyfriend she gets mad and says she will turn off the internet and my phone so that i may not contact him whatsoever. I already pay for car insurance, and my phone bill, but they still threaten to take away my phone. and cut off the internet even if i am paying for it. Its hard to deal with this when ive been with him for almost two years. She says "you dont have a boyfriend" this hurts me. Instead of supporting me when my feelings are hurt she will tell me im stupid, and to shutup and that i need to get over him. Or in any situation, ill try to talk to her and she will roll her eyes. My sister will threaten suicide and she says she doesnt care. The same thing happened when i tried to committ suicide three times :/ told me i was crazy, stupid, and didnt really want me in her house and she pretty much didnt care. Ever since that happened they try to make me believe in God, im just not into religion or im working my way up to become to religious but they yell at me when i say that im not sure if i believe in him.
Recently i have gained mom told me she isnt going to buy me clothes until i lose weight and i have been trying but its hard. she always says "when i was your age i was a size zero" making me feel bad because im a size 7. And she will constantly just look at my size and shows a face of disgust, it makes me feel like im not wanted. When she gets mad shell say that she wishes she aborted me. She hates me... i just dont know how much more i can take. I mean im a straight A student, part time college as a junior in highschool, ive done my best for them and this is the thanks i get?
My dad on the other hand is a very good man, wise because he left his house at 13 but now he expects us to be able to make it at 13 because he did. Not everybody runs away at thirteen :/ so he doesnt have a problem kicking us out when we are under age. He always calls my family pieces of shits and Co*k suckers and fights with my mom alot. I recently learned he has had an affair quite a bit while my mom was away. My family is broken and he just keeps messing up. He always throws stuff near us when hes mad, to scare us but sometimes he gets really close to throwing stuff at us because hes angry. He calls my mom a bitch and just doesnt have any respect for any of us. Everything i do is never perfect enough for him or my mom. he always threatens to throw a glass at our head or something and im honestly scared of him. scared that its not always going to stay a threat.
I hate coming home. I really do. Because im yelled at every day for one reason or another. I feel like my parents hate me and i wish sometimes that i was never born. But then i realize that maybe this is normal like every other family behind closed doors and i reassure myself that it is normal. Maybe i have life pretty easy compared to other people but in my head im suffering. I dont know if its normal or not. I want to leave my houe so bad...i cant take the emotional pain. the crying and throwing up, the heart broken pain, the trying to make myself throw up after i eat to please everyone and hardly eating anything... why cant i just be happy? Is there any way to get out? to be on my own? they want me out, i want out...i cant do it no more with them.
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Weahinseshy : I was born with an ability... (No judgement on what its called or what it is.) And at the age of..... I'll say 4 maybe 5 as I remember I was molester by a man (i told a woman when i finely came out and tell about what happen I would write the word man. I wanted to write the word guy but seeing how all words are synonymous to the deflation they carry, any word will do) I was sexily abused and was so.... not shocked but one of those words that are synonymous, that I ask with the ability that I was born what was happening and recived no reply that I remember but I may have heard the reply that "I don't know" or "thay wouldn't tell me." But anyhow I asked what was happening in the special way and was frozen still and could do nothing but wate for a reply well the man molested me. Now as I go on I find myself always looking in to the whys and hows the mind works of being molested, i dont know if this is to pay to the knolage of being molested or not but after being molested i dont see having to pay of something that happen and is a harmful thing. I didn't always look into molesting and most of the time could not care about it because I am always trying to forget about it and therefor its forgetin. Every time I seen the word which is not often. I alway kept it to myself and just never think of it. I haven't molested and would not know to much about the mind of a molster in fact i love childern and get along well with them. But whell he was molsting he was looking as if waiting for the answer himself. I believe that as I got oulder the "secret" and the personal judgment about what happen was past to me by who ever else the ability is connected to. Now it's like I I found myself be raped physicaly be this/these guys. He/she and or they forced something up imto my butt and it was left there for mouths. I when to many men and woman and none did anything about it. In fact thay laughted. At the time I could do nothing about it. I went to the police In MANEY ways and that still did nothing. Nether did the police. I even when to the police station and asked to make a police report and some lady just wrote on a post it and said nothing. This whent on for mounts as I have wrote, I even notified many educators because I'm in school and the teaching is that if you are being molested to let a teacher know to receive help. And i even let a judges or two know. I heard a lot of talking in the background like "don't let him do this" or that as if to cover up their part in how I'm being sexly assaulted. Not knowing what to do I just wated. Seeing how I notify all the people that are viewed as being able to help. I was even assaulted by most of them. What should be done? I was raped by a exgirlfriend and whent went to the hospital and told them that I was raped hoping that they would make a real police report because I don't believe that I post it is a police report but they just took vaitials and called me about the bill. Thay never call the cops to make a police report or anything. That didn't even ask me if the person that raped me looked femiler.also they didn't even do a rape kit. The nusers who where women acted as if nothing happen. I am on a form of goverment ausistences and am not shure if that is the reason or not. My hole life I have lived a good life helping people both man and woman and don't see the reason something like this would happen, if there is something that you guys may do that would help me I would apperate it.
Once I wrote about the rape I was told by the form tealapothey that the report was.... don't with the notion that it was a police report and that nothing will still be done.
Then the rapest or molester is rapping or molesting** and trying to get that me to think that they im doing something wrong and trying to get myself to brake the law so that myself can not go to someone for help.?! This is serious!

**(molesting: raping someone over a long period of time)

Is there sane people out there?!?!
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kedduadwaytum : It's important you go back to your psychiatrist and stay on your medications. The word salad you present to us is that you are very caught up in this whole business and you need to continue with the therapy, and if I am wrong, you need to immediately check into a mental health clinic or hospital and get someone to look after you. I can't be more definitive than that. You definitely need help and all we can do here is point you in the right direction. I hope you get the help you need. good luck and take care
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jinlin8899 : 30.Where do tax increase laws originate in Congress?

31.What are the Four options the President has for responding to a bill that has passed the House and the Senate?

32. What, if anything, can Congress do to pass a bill the president has vetoed?

33.Can a member of Congress vote anonymously to overturn a veto? Why do you think this section is in the Constitution?

34.The powers of Congress are listed specifically [ENUMERATED] in Clause 1 - 16. What are they?

35.Clause 17: What is this clause about, and what impact do you think it’s had on the country since its establishment?

36.Clause 18: This is called the ELASTIC CLAUSE -- Why do you think it is called this, and what does this clause do for Congress’ power?

37. There is a reference to slavery in Section 9. What is this about?

[You may need a separate reference for help with the next 3 questions]

38.What is Habeas Corpus – and why shouldn’t Congress be able to get rid of it? Why are there exceptions?

39.What is a bill of attainder, and why should Congress not be allowed to pass this?

40.What is an ex post facto law, and why should Congress not be allowed to make it?

41.What are the prohibitions on Congress with regard to withdrawing funds from the government?

42.What is significant about the prohibitions listed in Clause 8?

Thank you so much for helping!
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EpildKitillek : Google is your friend, honey - you did know that, right?
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imiLsanitazem : I used Shiply website to find a removal company to take my things from UK to Switzerland. The company gave me a date but nothing was picked up, a couple days later, after I had tried to contact the company and emailed twice they replied that they were not able to access the storage they were supposed to pick the things from.
Fair enough, I though, wondering why no one had called me if they were having problems, but I agreed that they would give me another date. A month and several contact attempts later I received an email saying that the items would be picked up by that week Thursday. On Friday morning nothing had been picked up.
I contacted Shiply and asked them to relist my removal because the company I had paid for, was not doing their job.
The company left a negative comment of me and advised other companies to avoid me (A paying customer?!) because apparently I don't understand how the deliveries work (I laughed).

Well, now my problem is, I paid the company for the delivery (as you have to do on Shiply) in advance and now again no one is responding to my queries about when they will refund me. It has now been over a week and they have not even said they received my email. Their phone number is always going to Answering machine...

Is there a time limit I have to wait until I can take this company to court, they have already messed me around long enough. Also how would I go about it, I live in Switzerland now but the company is from UK. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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imiLsanitazem : What are you sueing for ?

- refund of the costs,
- additional costs of replacement service (if it cost more)
- additional cost (in money) for replacement & additional arrangements to meet etc
(time off work etc or payment )
- court fees (for the application)
- attendence at court (if needed) - warn of approximate costs (flight, travelodge fees etc)

Most of the claim is handled on line
(make sure you tick the submit box before closing each time) with
- you presenting your claim (as above) and and then an explaination why it is relevent
- they then getting a chance to reply
you and they end up in a dialogue until settlment is reached or......
no settlement/agreement and you both have to attend a small court room and a adjudicator makes a decision based on your personal presentations (no lawyers,) in an informal setting.

Can you demonstrate that
- you gave accurate address information
- you (or someone) were present at the address on the various dates, and had contacts (mobile phone ) to used if they could not find the place etc.

Do you know who you are suing, the delivery company or
the agent that arranged the work
- my assumption would be that your contract is with the delivery company only, as this seems to be a quotation company only, and once you select, your delivery contract is with the company you choose. What does their contract with you say ? (even if it tries to include invalid/ un-enforceable statements)

So 1st step would be to issue your claim and argument, directly to the company
given them 7-10 days to reply (stated in the claim), and also that if you do not get a satisfactory response committing to refund, that you will proceed to recover this via the small claims court procedure.

i.e. you have given them formal notice of what you need and why
and a reasonable chance for them to respond and discuss outside the court,
if and only if they don't give sensible reasons, then give final (7 days) notice to go to court

See here

What you need to do

response (what they need to do)

You should probably warn them, that if you have to go to court personally, you court attendance costs will include flight and travel costs from your current residence. [ which again would need to be reasonable i.e. not full fare/ flexible etc but maybe not ultimate budget..]
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