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dsyez001 : workplace harassment and wrongful dismissal?

I worked for a company called O Shanter in Toronto in 2008-2009
as an assistant manager for twin tower apartments on young street
I had one of the residence who lived in the building
make sexual harrassing homosexual advancments and comments
towards me, I talked to my boss, a manager for the property,
but she dismissed it as a fabrication along with her husband
and stating that she didnt believe this male person would do this
as he was married etc bla bla, dismissing any notion that he could be bisexual or homosexual,
After hearing this and seeing that they would not come to my aid, I contacted the police, the police warned him not to come near me again and made a report on him, and left it at that, then I called my bosses boss at the head office explaining that my boss had done nothing to help me in this situation, the next day my boss came into the building pissed at me becuase she had come back from a office meeting, which i assume she was talked to about this by her boss, then the next day, she gave me a letter of dismissal - your fired
and i was told to leave the building within 7 days, fortunatly i found a place to live without a job in the toronto area. My question is this can i still do anything about this and if so what and how do i go about doing what needs to be done. I feel violated in more ways than one and feel taken advantage off.
I figured that my past boos would have done something as it interfered with my job duties, any how these fags are crossing the line with stright people by pull this crap yes!
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jshufs8s2d : Your big mistake was not leaving it at the police report. At that point, you were in the right. Beyond that, you went outside the normal reporting structure. This can be grounds for termination in most places.

You just overstepped the bounds this time. Sorry, but the dismissal would most likely be upheld.
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swojeksnik : First off why did you tell your boss and expect her to do anything? She had no power to do anything. You should have just reported it to the police. Then why did you report her to her boss? Again she had no power to do anything about the resident. You over stepped your bounds by doing this and it could be seen as insubordination. Frankly I would have fired you too. And it has been two years so too late even if you had a case which you do not. Forget it and move on with your life.
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Teensescexjax : First of all, there is a difference between Criminal Harassment, which the police can do something about and Workplace Harassment which the police cannot do anything about. One of your tenants making unwanted advances to you is not a criminal matter - it is something for your bosses to deal with.

If you were fired because you brought a legitimate complaint of workplace harassment to the attention of your employer and they did not properly investigate or deal with it, then you may have grounds for a claim of wrongful dismissal. But you would likely have to contact a lawyer that specializes in labour law to determine if you have a worthwhile claim.
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camarok : I paid off my school with cash and i got a receipt from them and a week later they call me to tell me one of my bills was counterfeit. How do I know they aren't scamming me and do i have to pay them back?
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likelucyru : Tell them to sue you, which they won't.
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EpildKitillek : School's don't scam people.

Ask them to show you the bill and why they think it's counterfeit, and why they think it was from you (a week later seems like it's a random bill in the cash drawer at the point).

If it's counterfeit, then you owe them the money. Be happy all they want is real money and they are trying to have you arrested.
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Majuceak : tell them it wasn't yours , in all probability they made the same call to several people
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Ugg53503 : Sounds like you just got screwed.
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Artfooter : You probably didn't check those bills to see if they were counterfeit. Ask them what they need from you to clear up the problem and how the bills was dispatched. Normally people who work at a school are not shysters but normally you go to jail for passing a counterfeit bill (regardless of whether you KNEW it was or not!). So be glad.

So you basically want to let someone know that you appreciate the opportunity to rectify the mistake and what happened to the bill. I would want to let a boss know so that counterfeit bill claims don't keep occurring as if there is an inside scam, I'd want someone to know. But yet, this is the perfect scam because who would ever think to report someone for stealing a bill they said was counterfeit as their own butt would be on the line. Yeah I would do something.
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