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Byhopynep : I was drinking with my friend at our university (university of toronto) residence common room, and they caught us and they called the police, and basically at the end, i don't know what other information they have got, but they let me go home and gave us a yellow ticket, and the offense is listed as the following
enter premises when entry prohibited
contrary to tress pass to property act 2(1)(9)(i)
and the fine is 65 bucks
so i'm just wondering, if i pay for the fine, is this going to stay on my record? i mean they didn't mention alcohol on the ticket, so does this count as a criminal record? and also will it affect me applying to medical school?
ALSO, i do have a friend who did live in the residence, i'm pretty sure he will agree to help me and say that he invited me there. would i win if i bring him to the court?
also i'm 19+ which is legal drinking age in canada, would being intoxicated affect how this is going?

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Kuolermef : I am no expert but I think if they are fining you it's not going on any criminal record. It's not like they arrested you and booked you and made you go to court and then let you off with a fine. It's more like a traffic stop sort of situation.

If you aren't sure, you could call the police and ask what happens. I will email them when I have a question about this sort of stuff. They usually answer within a day or two.
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kixtrarie : Illegally entering a building? Isn't that "breaking and entering?" Isn't that "criminal?" Isn't this a good time to ask a lawyer? Skip that it will cost you $65, how about "do you end up having a criminal record for the rest of your life?
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Dreannacron : Medical Costs

Snake-bite victim socked with $55K bill /blogs/sideshow/snake-bite-victim-socked-with--55k-bill-150152873.html

She went to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md., where she received three IV bags of antivenom over 18 hours. Then, the scary part: a whopping $55,000 bill for treatment.

Health insurance would bring the cost down to a few hundred dollars

So the insurance company is forking out $50,000 for an 18 hour stay with anti-venom.

Gee... I wonder why health insurance is so expensive
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seicalminee : Makes them go down.

So your conclusion is that expensive procedures and expensive drugs.... make medical costs expensive. While difficult to disagree with..... you are not exactly breaking any new ground, guy.
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WhorgeAllergy : He throws money at problems, doesn't actually solve them.
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TrinityP6 : If he wants to get treated he needs to work. I don't see why i have to pay for him thanks to 0bammy
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skidgeskags : Not much because we're still allowing insurance companies to dictate everything.
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SamuelX4 : Do you know the actual cost of the antivenom? If the hospital has to keep it in stock for emergencies and then the drug expires, who pays for that?
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Reenoppomia : It is impossible to lower health care costs without socializing Americas health care and taking away the profit motive
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