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hemeokrmer : A lawyer told me this and I wanna make sure he's not lying to me..
So, lets say you are walking around and YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG and a cop came up and asked you questions, yes it would be polite to answer, but don't you have the right to legally only say your full name and address.. Here's an example..
Say I have alcohol and drugs in my bag and I am walking, but I am not drunk nor high, not like it matters, and I am not disrupting the peace, and a cop comes up to me and asks me
"Are you drunk"
I say "No"
then he asks "can I check your bag"
I can legally say "my name is Jessica Simpson, I live at 1234 maple road, Toronto, Ontario" and walk away.
Or I can ask him if he has a warrant to check my bag. They can't arrest you without a warrant I know that. So is this all true? I heard that if you answer any other questions you are basically volunteering to answer them.. ALSO, they can't talk to anyone under 16 isn't that right too?

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BoarveGeado : Wow you are so misguided about Canada's legal system:

1. A police officer can detain someone if they feel there is reasonable and probable grounds to believe an indictable offence has occured, is occuring or is about to occur. They can also detain someone if they see a criminal offence being committed, this means they must see the entire offence being done from start to finish.

2. Your a young offender, and for young offender's it is a criminal offence to possess alochol, and also in your case you had "possession of a controlled substance". All the police officer needed to pull you over for questioning was to simply see a bottle in your bag, and then he/she has every legal right to interrogate you.

3. A police officer does not necessairly need a Section 487 Search Warrant to check your bag, it's called "extigent circumstances" which means the officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe you have something illegal on you and that there is grounds to believe that if the officer goes to get the warrant the evidence will either be destroyed or dissappear.

4. Where are you getting they can't arrest you without a warrant? Unless your inside your home they can generally arrest without a warrant.

5. That is false, an officer can talk to anyone even under the age of 16.
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kissme2hy8 : did nancy pelosi say "you've got to pass the bill to know in it". did nancy pelosi say "you've got to pass the bill to know in it"
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laasathkaqasa : Yes-brilliant.
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Chesforse : Yes, because no one knows ahead of time what will finally emerge after all the amendments have been added into the bill
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MAjaleesa : So I wanted to know what would happen in this situation. I have great income, in fact I could have paid for my car completely with cash but I wanted to start rebuilding my credit. The car was 8500, I put down 4500. My loan balance is $4000 over 36 month simple interest car loan. My monthly payment @ 23.99% is like $250, and over 3 years with interest my total would be almost the same as the total cost of the car!

So what would happen if next month I just pay $3950 on my loan leaving me with $50 left on the loan and 35 months left? Would my billing statement adjust to make my monthly payments really really small for the remaining 35 months. Thus saving me the headaches of paying ungodly interest and still retaining the benefits of paying an installment loan on my credit for 3 years?
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Kraslibbb : Read the fine print on car loan to see if it allows additional payments or early repayment and such. Or call the bank that sends you statements and ask.

You can also try to pay $500 or $1000 in one month, and see how much the principal balance on your statement changes.

You can also build up your credit history by getting a credit card, spending money on it, and paying it on time so you get no interest.
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drormmubS : Mercy your credit must be really lousy if you paid almost 50% and still have a rate of 24% interest. Your best bet is pa off that car and then work on what ever is causing you to get a 24% loan.

By the wa you next month the who 50 would be due it would not affect your payment amount.
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y8es6sho0v : I'm planning on buying several things on ebay. In my profile information I have already added my address on the shipping list when I try to pay for it is asking me for my billing address of my debit card which is a total different address. My question is if my purchase will be mailed in the address I wrote on my account primarily or will it be sent to my billing address?
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unselsbup : They will be sent to shipping address. Billing address is just to verify your debit/credit card billing.
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