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Objedribe : in ontario canada

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craweerospeen : I live in Kentucky and the lawyer charged me $50 to draw up my will.
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HeernomernegO : It varies according to how big and complicated your estate might be. The low end is simply "filling out the forms" but some people have multiple properties, extended families, or businesses that must be dealt with in a proper way to avoid ambiguity and misdirection after you're no longer there to make decisions.

Call a few local solicitors to get a "feel" for how they would price the work necessary for your situation.
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dvn08282 : Depends on complexity and geography, and on the specific firm. It's generally going to be more expensive in Toronto than in rural Ontario. If your will fits generally into the precedents, then you're fine. If you're looking at multiple wills (i.e. probate/non-probate, corporate share disposition, etc.), it will cost more. If you're elderly and/or suffering from a medical condition such that capacity might be questioned, expect it to cost more - in such a situation the lawyer will have to meet with you for a sufficient length of time to assess whether or not you really understand what you're doing.

A 'simple will' is usually one which has a number of specific bequests (i.e. To my friend Joe, I leave my stereo), and then a residuary clause or two which leaves everything to one person or a number of people - usually spouse and children. Once you get into multiple wills, setting up complex trusts, or other more complicated gifting arrangements, we're out of 'simple will' territory.

Most firms that do wills offer 'package deals'. You and your spouse go in for simple mirror wills, powers of attorney for personal care, and powers of attorney for property...for the whole package, you're probably looking at somewhere from $500 to $750.

For a single simple will, you're probably looking at something in the ballpark of $150 to $250.
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crfmnkhufemq : In $100.00 bills.
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FZRaymond : Disappear.
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stoffCitsmord : Buy a house on the lake with 300,000.00 of it and then the rest I would buy rental properties.
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jihuo1408g61 : Go buy 100,000 medium drinks at McDonald's but don't fill them up. Just see if you can win monopoly then go buy 100,000 dollars worth of lottery tickets. And pay your bills, then with whatever is left go buy more drinks from mcdonalds
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songfeng400 : I would pay off my student loans, buy a car and pay it all off as soon as I get it, take a vacation to the Bahamas, and rent a really nice apartment for a couple of years with plenty of money leftover seeing as I don't plan to get an expensive car and I don't have that much in loans compared to other people. Then I would pay for my grandmothers medical bills and make sure she gets taken care of. Then I would take my cousins on a back to school shopping spree bc they need it. I would also vacation in Hawaii. And I would probably end up moving to California.
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DupinveveSeep : I'd notify the police and when someone correctly identifies the amount, denomination, how it was packaged and where they lost it I 'd contact the owner. Until then it would remain in my possession. I couldn't imagine doing otherwise.
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