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Anne_7 : So my mom works at a small bank in the GTA of Toronto she is a teller. The person who is at the counter answer you questions or depositing withdrawing etc.
A few days ago there was a robbery in the bank and 2 guys took money and left
that day my mom was working with 2 other people a man and another women.
yesterday the bank fired all 3 of them without giving them a reason or anything what the fuck is this? 2 guys come in threatening to shoot steal money and leave and they fired the people working there at the time?
what is this?
what are her rights?
what should she do?
please help

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FIDonald : bloody call the News!
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esyez021 : Contact the labour board and file a complaint, i would aslo get a lawyer.
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xiaozh5p : Well, I don't know much about this stuff, but I can tell you she has the right to know why she fired. I would tell her to go in and ask them why the hell she got fired. When shes working she shouldn't have to get shot just to keep her job. I don't know if they can do that or not but you can always ask a lawyer, and if I where her I would call one and ask them ASAP!
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Miztiessy : I just found out I won my Unemployment appeal and will get $2330 in back benefits (The Judge SET ASIDE the denial of benefits) I'll pay back sister, pay off vehicle and then CC gets hit. but the last one will be tough, so what do you do when you have the $$$ but really need to kill the bills and avoid temptation?
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TrubrelugSX : so let me give you insight of my sad life so far, i'm 23 years old, have no friends, will be homeless at the end of september, have no formal job experience or training, i only have my high school diploma, please dont tell me to go back to school, i would like to but how is that going to pay bills, and put money in my pocket.

my only passion in life is helping people so as you can imagine i've been stepped on by everybody throughout my life, i'm about to just lose my mind because i don't know what to do, i wouldnt mind working long hours everyday i can dedicate myself 100% to my job since i have no friends to distract me, what do i do? i don't want to work a minimum wage job until the day i die, whats the point in waking up everyday to go to work so you can pay your bills and have an extra $20 every month? i need some guidance or something i really don't know what to do, i'm a good person but lately i've even begun questioning my faith, the stuff i've been put through in life i just don't see how a superior being could do that to someone and now i'm going to be homeless? what do i do?
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Groolipioli : You sound like the perfect candidate for voluntary service overseas... where you can make a real difference and get an amazing new perspective on what really matters in life. You won't earn any significant money but you will have the experience of a lifetime and be way more employable when you come back... if you ever do.
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aviatiogfs : Now, dont hate me, but, have you considered joining the military? I have been in the navy 10 years. most of the time its great. I am not a recruiter, and i will tell you that sometimes, its not fun. But if you dont love where you are in life, you could do 4 years, get a degree while your in or after you get out. It pays well compared to other no-degree-required jobs, and the benefits outweigh the costs in most cases. would make new friends, AND help people all over the world.
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nishop2012 : I filed bankruptcy a week ago. Medical bills and an accident in a rental car (ALWAYS accept the LDW if you rent a vehicle unless you have credit card coverage or excellent car insurance btw) plus bills from a few years ago are the reasons I filed.

Chapter 13 for those who are interested.

Anyways, I purchased said car several months ago, and have never been behind up until recently when I filed bankruptcy. My attorney specifically said to not make the car payment, and that the "arrears" would be made up in the bankruptcy.

I've been receiving phone calls MULTIPLE times daily about the eleven days past due balance, and just a few minutes ago finally was like "should I just pay them until they get this all in the courts and what-not"? So I can have some peace of mind? Cause this last phone call had the phrase "And where is the car right now?" I thought there was some kind of thing called an automatic stay?
Lol you fools who answered with things such as "car can be repo'd any time you don't make payment" or quote the bible fail to acknowledge the US law. If I've filed bankruptcy (which i have) there is a thing called the automatic stay with prevents creditors from repossessing, etc and other such nonsense.

Also, I have made it clear that I've "paid" my bills except for some huge medical bills and a damage vehicle that I have no ability to pay unless I get a HUUUUUGE bonus from work or something. Save your damn righteousness for someone else. Jesus. I have paid my bills except those which I have legit had no control over or no real ability to pay within their time frame given to me.
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sa6cheap5 : You need to get in contact with the company you have your car loan through and let them know you have filed for bankruptcy. If you do not make them aware of this, they will repo your vehicle.
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