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2qot54rt74o : Okay so Yesterday i went into a mall with 4 of my friends. As we were walking through the Bay 1 of my friends decided to pull the tag off a shirt ink spilled everywhere. Me and my other friend left the store as fast as possible to avoid problems. As we were leavinng the store my other friend grabbed a shirt and walked out. The friend that ripped the tag of the shirt quickly ran out the door and left. the friend that shoplifted the shirt got cuffed. Me and my other friend innocently stepped away from the undercovers and made our way away from the mall. After we have already left the property ( we did nothing wrong) A security guard cuffs me and lets my friend go. I get dragged back into the mall even though i did nothing i was in the back room of the bay with the shoplifter being told i was an accomplice as i was getting a ticket from being banned from the mall and a fine to pay for the officers/ security guards time, and paying for the damages done to the clothes when the tags were ripped off by shoplifters as i did nothing to damage clothes and i did not shoplift anything! Only some of my rights were read to me such as ( u may contact a lawyer) as he did not mention my right to remain silent. I want to Get my bann from the mall cancelled and to not be held responsible for paying a fee for wrecking clothes that i didnt wreck and shoplifting a shirt that i didnt shoplift infact they should pay mee a fee for using up my time as i had important thing to do that night! They told me I was an accopmlice but in reality when i saw my friend rip off the tag me and my friend that didnt shoplift fled the scene and were then later cuffed by a security, Iwould like advice from a lawyer or someone who knows this law well in ontario/ Toronto Because i am banned from the any Hudsons bay company for a year as well i am banned from my favourite mall for 1 year for in my opinion DOING NOTHING as i coopertated and explained my case to the security they didnt seem to care and did not hesitate to call the police! as i got a fine and a bann which i want to fight off to clear my record and bee free of any fines and banns

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tedThyday : if you are not an accessory than no, i dont think so...
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Ununteepheddy : You have a ticket and you will have your day in court because you will enter a plea of not guilty. you will tell your side of the story, that you weren't there to steal, you had no idea your friend was going to do what she did and you had no part of it. You are going to hope the judge believes you.

If you can get your ex-friend to come to court with you and plead your case to the judge, that might help, but I would rely on your lawyer's judgement there.

Even if you are found not guilty, the store can still ban you. Private property and all that stuff.
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irinapefraumenas : Just BEING with the group will get you charges.
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SageStigmamex : So me and 2 friends are moving to London in Ocober. We are all 18 years old and from Norway. I just have a problem figuring out how much money we need to survive in London.

Can someone tell me how much things cost in London, and help me set up a budget?

- Food (I eat 6-8 quality meals a day)
- Transportation (Bus, subway etc)
- Gym membership
- Rent for apartment
- Phone bill
- Other stuff
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Eleseeunloate : 600 pounds a month
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sherSarlefs : 6 - 8 meals a day? Do you expect to eat out or make your own? There's a big difference in costs here.
Public transport isn't cheap... expect to pay around £5 a day on average, but it really depends on where and how often you travel.
Gym membership... a local authority gym can cost as little as £35 a month off peak. Or you can pay £100+ for and all inclusive leisure centre.
Rent for an apartment... what area? How many rooms? Studio apartments in a zone 2 or 3 area will cost from £650 a month but expect to pay more for better facilities. If you're looking for a three bedroom apartment you can expect to pay at least £1500 a month.
Phone? Get a pay as you go SIM card and monitor your own costs. Who are you calling? Obviously international calls will cost more than national numbers.
Other stuff? You haven't really thought this out much have you? Do you plan to go out drinking and clubbing most nights? Clothes shopping at Primark or high brand? Groceries, laundry and incidentals?
As a rough guess, I reckon you guys could do it on £1000 a month each, but that's just a very rough guess.
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AdvitsaddibiA : 6-8 meals a day. How do you find time to work?
You also need money for council tax, internet, mobile phone, gas, electricity, water, food, clothes, household sundries, going out.
Rent and travel is impossible to estimate. Accommodation in London is very expensive but some areas cost more than others, and it also depends on the size of the property. Travel costs depend on how far and how often you travel.
You and your friends will all need jobs that pay well above minimum wage (£5.03p ph) to afford to live in London, and you will have to pay tax and National Insurance from this. A single journey a bus in central London costs £2.40 cash, or £1.40 using a prepaid Oyster card. As you can see a minimum wage will not go far.
Unfortunately youth unemployment is high, you will have problems finding any kind of work, let alone well paid employment.
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Weanceencable : BQ: if so which s ex is more likely to fall into the trap and what will happen /watch?v=N-qjc17KEsc - Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock Around The Clock Bandstand 1960
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PamPypeUrbare : No. Music soothes the soul.
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