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AdupsMund : I'm planning to attend law school when I'm older to study to be a lawyer in British Columbia, Canada and I was wondering what the yearly tuition would be for law school in BC! ... If you have any other law school recommendations in Canada please feel free to say them, along with yearly tuition there!! Thanks so much guys :)

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Tevyemalm : 20000
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toribhibblerg : It's always escalating, so it can be hard to predict what tuition will be at some point in the future.

Right now, UVic Law's annual tuition (for domestic students) is $8,678.08, plus the various student society and activity fees totaling another $1,076.58.

UBC is a little pricier, with first-year tuition being a hair over $11k, with a little under a thousand for student fees.

Those are the only two law schools in B.C., and the prices are more or less in line with what you'll find right now across Canada (generally $10k-$15k), except at the University of Toronto, which is pushing $30k per year. (Osgoode's also fairly pricey, around $16k.)

The reason UofT has such a relatively high cost isn't because of better programming - for a number of years, the Ontario government relaxed its restrictions on tuition increases for professional programs, and UofT took full advantage. One might theorize that, in a number of years, the increased fees might permit it to establish a programming advantage over other schools, but as it stands today it would be essentially wrong to suggest that someone coming from any one Canadian law school has a major advantage over a graduate from any other law school.

Within the narrow margin of variation of Canadian schools, UBC's law program is pretty well-regarded. Unless you're going to go to one of the Toronto schools, Queen's, McGill, or Dal, I'm not sure it's worth leaving B.C. if you can get into UBC or UVic.
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Smaluemelmisy : Hi, I'm a little stuck at the moment and need some serious advice.

I have just graduated with a good 2:1 BSc Social Psychology and Sociology degree from the University of Essex. I absolutely love Sociology in particular. After the course had finished, I pined for my lectures and researching for essays! I know, it's odd but it shows that I love what I do. I was also published twice during my degree.

I have just applied to do my MA Social Research degree at the University of Leeds this September. My boyfriend lives near Leeds and is doing his Law training there, which is one year like a masters. We both hope to spend a year in Leeds working hard and enjoying the next step in our careers together. However, my family has just told me that they will not be helping with any funding for my postgraduate. I have a part time holiday job at a cinema and I already have student debt from my undergraduate. I literally have no money at all! I have been desperately trying to find funding but none is available at this time of year. I have been applying to jobs of all types over the Summer and have not had any replies (we all know that means a no!). The other issue is that my parents have never been to university and my Mum thinks I'm 'reaching for the stars' by doing a masters and Phd. She thinks that i should get a 'simple job' (she recommended the perfume counter in Boots - not that there is anything wrong with that, but i want to pursue a career that will make me an independent well paid woman that does not need to rely on anyone). My end goal is to do research and be a lecturer, and have a career in what I love (as well as earning good money and be successful in my field).

I am considering a careers development loan, but I'm terrified of repayments and not being able to get a job to pay the bank in time each month. Also, how can I pay them back if I want to go straight into a Phd..? Will I have to find a job for a few years to pay them back first? Also, my MA is supported by the ESRC so hopefully I can get my Phd funded through them. I'm also scared that I'll get into all this debt and not come out with a good degree. Research methods are not my strong point, but hopefully a whole year of focusing in just that will pay off. Not only is all of this stressful and actually taking a toll on my health, but I'm finding it very difficult to live back at home. My family isn't normal, I am aware of that, one member struggles with social skills and is OCD about cleaning constantly. My family has caused me a lot of stress during my undergraduate, but i feel that without them, i will be relying solely on my boyfriend, which is unfair, abnormal and if we break up, i'll be completely lost. Also, after living on my own for 5 years (2 years boarding school then 3 at uni), it's almost degrading to go back home and work in a cinema part time. I'm doing it, but it's becoming something that depresses me. I feel like I'm going nowhere and I'm trapped by certain members if my family that cannot understand why I would ever want to pursue such a career.

I would really appreciate any advice, thank you.
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EmakyRageerak : Nothing odd about it. It's great! Never make an apology for loving what you do, we need more people like that! The perfume counter? Oh, come on! With your background and passion for what you want to do, you are not going to be happy each day rolling out of bed to work at the perfume counter. Yeah, nothing wrong with people who work there, but that's not where your interest are which is very clear from what you have done and want to do.

As for what you Mum said, you aren't reaching for the stars here. Several of my best friends have Phds so it isn't like it's such a rare and unlikely thing to achieve. For many positions it's a requirement. Listen up, it would be wonderful if your family and friends were all entirely behind what you want to do and help you do it, but you are going to be successful anyway cause most people who do, they don't have that kind of support anyway. This is because few people are on a mission to actually do something that's meaningful with their lives. Family also doesn't understand things, and would be afraid to even attempt what you have accomplished so far and plan to do.

I like your career plans. I really do, they sounds great.

So your family isn't normal. To be honest, I never met a family that is normal. So in that situation you need to have your own direction and focus on achieving your accomplishments. I know you are trying to do this, but just continue to do so. It's the right thing.

This should be your plan of action: Go to the college you wish to attend and have a meeting with the head of Financial Aid. Explain what you want to do, and how could you best get funding for it, and find out if there is also a requirement part-time job involved or perhaps a teaching assistantship involved. Find out what hoops you have to jump through and the paper work, and do it!

As for working a part-time job now, don't let that bother you. It's just a job, it isn't you, right? Nothing wrong with helping to pay the bills, so focus on Financial Aid and see how the whole thing works and the options. Also find out for sure about repayments and how soon that would have to be and the conditions for it. For example, you might not have to start making payments until you are employed, I don't know, but find out all the details.

This is your life, not a rehearsal. Don't trash it and not live your dream because you are concerned about having student debt. It's only money, money can always be replaced.

I wish you the best of luck and hope I have been of help!
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hbbkjeqy : Your mom is very much right .
1. Whats guarantee that you will get job after your MA degree ,You can fall in the never ending cycle of debt .
2. 99% of the jobs in the world require no degree . For example retail is largest employer in this world . So is the self employed people . Even call center require no degree .
So why dont you find some low skill job like construction , call center , retail etc .

3. Instead of getting further education why dont you try to use your existing degree to find job .. Like start working for some low skilled job and also try looking for job of your choice ...

Most of these jobs i mentioned require no further explanation except call center job
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Hoknousanaw : Why not crowdfund to raise money for your MA? Visit or www.scholarrelief - on that site you could showcase your talent, offer creative incentives, and raise money for education without going into debt!

For example, offer donors £3 for a thank you email, £25 for a subscription to a blog that offers psychology advice, or £50 to acknowledge a donor on a future publication on a given topic.

The key to successful fundraising on ScholarRelief would be to leverage your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to raise a large number of small donations.

Best of luck!
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Dreannacron : Medical Costs

Snake-bite victim socked with $55K bill /blogs/sideshow/snake-bite-victim-socked-with--55k-bill-150152873.html

She went to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md., where she received three IV bags of antivenom over 18 hours. Then, the scary part: a whopping $55,000 bill for treatment.

Health insurance would bring the cost down to a few hundred dollars

So the insurance company is forking out $50,000 for an 18 hour stay with anti-venom.

Gee... I wonder why health insurance is so expensive
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seicalminee : Makes them go down.

So your conclusion is that expensive procedures and expensive drugs.... make medical costs expensive. While difficult to disagree with..... you are not exactly breaking any new ground, guy.
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WhorgeAllergy : He throws money at problems, doesn't actually solve them.
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