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wpthwddc : San Diego, CA. I was sold a lemon vehicle from a car dealer. The dealer refuses to honor their warranty two days after purchase. So I'm filing a lawsuit, what is the procedure in the state of california to file a small claims? The instructions on court website are in lawyer language and can't understand it.

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phsinanchl : Warranty?

If you bought the car " as is" there IS no warranty.
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Hiepzinensake : Do you have a warranty in writing that covers what is wrong with the car?

If not, all used car sales are considered as-is and even if the engine blew up the second you drove off the lot they wouldn't be responsible.
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nishop2012 : Did you buy a new car or a used car? If you bought a used car, the California lemon law doesn't apply. You'd have to go after them for not honoring the warranty in small claims court, but in order for you to do that you need to have a copy of the warranty to see what it says -- and remember the car dealer is going to find any and every excuse not to honor the warranty, so there's a good chance you won't win in small claims court. Mom-and-pop outfits that sell used cars are VERY good at covering their @$$es on these type of used car sales...

If you bought a new car from a dealership and the dealership won't honor the warranty, call the manufacturer's head office in the U.S. and raise holy hell. If the dealership gets someone from corporate breathing down their neck, they'll change their tune quick...
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Williamismku : The clerk of the court is there to help you select and fill out the forms and collect the filing and service fees. There are also several good websites and these things called "books" that discuss the ins and outs of small claims courts.
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aquaguent : My Fiance and I are trying to buy a house. We both have amazing credit. According to the bank i have the strong profile with monthly bills coming in my name and paying them off every month.

Well my fiance and I are waiting 6 months to save more money towards a downpayment.

According to the bank my fiance has a amazing credit score but his profile it kinda weak. He doesnt have any monthly bills that come in his name. We stay at his parents place currently so we can save our money for a house. But what could he get to pay monthly that'll help him?

Our phone is in my name, and the car and the car payments are in my name. Other than that theres really no other bills that he could get to get in his name. I mean he has netflx and hulu come outta his bank account monthly but netflix goes through paypal so it doesnt say netflix on his statements like they want. Plus they said they werent sure if Netflix or Hulu coming out would be able to be considered because its not really a bill

So would the best thing for him to do is get a small personal loan for 6 months and pay it off to help him? or what could we do??
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esyez003 : u can learn the credit laws in your local.
visit to library will help.

u/he can read Total money make over,
dave ramsey to learn from others mistakes,
not your own.

u can learn if in USA about 'manual underwriting'
process. u will need a bank/mortgage lender
who has a brain to do it.

suggest u wait a year after u married for dozens of reasons.
have seen your errors.

after u married , rent small cheap safe for a year while
u actually learn where, what , why not to buy.

buying a house is not cheaper than rent.
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mehanle : My boyfriend friend baby daddy niece is asking my boyfriend for money. She's a grown ass lady. She text him asking him for 60 dollars, 40 dollars, and asked him to pay her phone bill. I noticed he even called her thicke (a girl with a nice butt and thighs for example the rapper trina and nicki minaj) in one of the text he sent her. Should I say something to him. This girl knows about me and even been to my house. The girl even tried to talk me and she don't even know me never said anything to me. My boyfriend, my boyfriend friend and her kids told that girl to keep my name out of her mouth because she don't know me. But yeah guys what should I do.
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csyez020 : I'm not sure I really understand your question, but I would just let your boyfriend deal with her. It's his money.
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enurmouse : I live in Michigan and the garbage company wants a deposit n extra money upfront because the previous home owner didn't pay their bills on time
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