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pounseInsug : Zimmerman was caught speeding AGAIN, and he had a gun, I'm not a lawyer so I'm not sure if someone who has a gun permit in one state can carry a gun in another state without being licensed in that other state.

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mengya1w8g8 : He was speeding. You never speed?

He is registered to own and carry a gun. Nothing illegal about that.
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Anielavs0 : You've got to love liberalsm.

A racist thug that tries to smash in somebody's skull for asking them a question isn't a "real" thug.. no.. you have to drive over the speed limit for that.
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Vattbaisp : My Fiance and I are trying to buy a house. We both have amazing credit. According to the bank i have the strong profile with monthly bills coming in my name and paying them off every month.

Well my fiance and I are waiting 6 months to save more money towards a downpayment.

According to the bank my fiance has a amazing credit score but his profile it kinda weak. He doesnt have any monthly bills that come in his name. We stay at his parents place currently so we can save our money for a house. But what could he get to pay monthly that'll help him?

Our phone is in my name, and the car and the car payments are in my name. Other than that theres really no other bills that he could get to get in his name. I mean he has netflx and hulu come outta his bank account monthly but netflix goes through paypal so it doesnt say netflix on his statements like they want. Plus they said they werent sure if Netflix or Hulu coming out would be able to be considered because its not really a bill

So would the best thing for him to do is get a small personal loan for 6 months and pay it off to help him? or what could we do??
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Arrarmfep : I heard that if you have link you can also get help paying for daycare or a babysitter like if your mom wants to babysit but you cant afford it they pay for it well my sister had twin boys and she needs to keep working to pay rent and bills she has no one else to babysit accept for me and she said shed pay me but very little i dont mind not getting paid alot but it would help if theres a program that could pay it so she could afford to pay rent and bills. I live in illinois does anyone know how this works?.
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ifmpzgvf : Yeah but some dumbass republicans are gonna argue that they actually want to have to move to a cheap bad neighborhood and get shot and get their baby robbed and raped up the butt.
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mLenter : You will need to give a call to your court house to get pointed in the right direction for your sister to apply for help.

I live in Wisconsin and I don't know what link is but I assume it is some sort of low income program. I do know that here they will give you vouchers for daycare if you are a low income working parent but I have never heard of the state paying for a friend/family member to watch a child.
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DogTrainer : My family is financially and emotionally abusive. And until I turned 18 a couple months ago, they were physically abusive too. I do not wish to report them, because that will put me at a big risk and I wouldn't be able to go to college immediately.
But I know my parents are trying to find a way to drop me from their finances. If I get so much as anything below a 95% in any classes, or if I don't phone them at least once a day, they will stop paying for my college. And if I decide I will go to my friend's house for thanksgiving, they will stop paying my phone bill and insurance.
If I do not do as they say or they claim me to be too ungrateful, they will kick me out. And right now I live in Michigan and my college is in New York.
I do not want that to happen without making a plan first and/or being in New York safely.
What should I do first?
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hahAltessyrar : choosing not to live with your parents does not mean you're homeless.

grow up, and get a job
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nztjqvbovxna : Without legal emancipation--by a court order--you'll be considered a dependent, and your parents' income will limit how much financial aid you can get until you're 24.

You very definitely need outside help. I think reporting them would be an excellent idea. At the very least, you need to confide in either a trusted older family member or a professional to help you talk to your parents about what standards are reasonable for contact and for grades. (I'm an Ivy League PhD, and I didn't get above 95% in almost any of my classes as an undergraduate!)

If you don't have a person in your family who will take you seriously, call the guidance counselor at your high school about your options. Most states don't have mandatory reporting when you are above 18 and speak of being abused.

You could also get some advice by calling 877-YOUTHLINE.

But really, please, get someone in real life on your side. You need, and deserve, an ally.
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