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AssulseOwnela : *URGENT* My dad is verbally abusive and I need a legal guardian? I am 14 my dad is verbally abusive to me and my little sister, but mostly me being the oldest, When I was younger my mom used to tell me that at the age of 13 children can choose what parent they want to live with, well my mom doesn't have her life together right now . My boyfriend's mom said she would take me in . Me and my boyfriend's one year will be in October (in 3 months) and we do not plan on breaking up afterwards, we have planned our life together with his mom and my mom and are not worried about us breaking up . My mom said she will sign the paper and testify against him in court and allow me to live with my boyfriend's mom because she has seen the way he treats me and knows how terrible it can get . and it is only temperary until my mom gets her life together . I can't live here any longer, me and my dad have good times, but when it's bad, it is really bad . Things that my father has said to me was: (When he first found out that I used to cut and saw my scars on my wrist which is mostly from the stress he puts me through ) "You want to die this bad? You want to die? I'll shoot you in the head if you want to die "You're not even my kid and I took you when I didn't have to and this is how you repay me ?" (He's my dad by law, while my biological father didn't want me when i was inside of my mom and so my mom married my dad & he became my father by law when I was born)"If you do that again I'm going to hit/kick/punch/hurt you ." (He has never hurt me but these threats scare me TO DEATH .) "You're too fat to wear that, "Even if I didn't want you it's not like I had a big choice ."Are you stupid or something?""You're an idiot,"You inconsiderate stupid b**** !"And so much more . My dad doesn't drink or get high, He doesn't do it when I do/don't do something he just says this stuff to me when he's mad at the world. Awhile ago he called me a slut. almost a week ago he grabbed my face really hard and yelled, "SAY F**CK YOU DAD, SAY IT MIRANDA, SAY IT" and I had to cry and say no, dad, no, don't make me . It's horrible, I have thought about killing myself and running away many times but I thought that if I ran away no one would take me seriously in Court . There is an option on the guardianship papers that says I am at least 14 years of age and agree to let ________ be my legal guardian or something like that . So, now that I'm 14 if we get a lawyer and such, would my dad have to sign me over too if my mom is already going to sign me over and testify in court? I need help this is urgent because this verbal and mental abuse is getting worse and worse .

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ozrf4332 : Both parents have to agree to have an outside party gain guardianship. No such law that a child gets to decide where they want to live, that is ALWAYS up to a judge. Unlikely a court will agree to have your boyfriends mother take you in. You will most likely end up in foster care if neither of your parents are fit to raise you.
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rolololcv : I have a hard time being happy in life. Every job I have had I hated it. I have either been fired or quit my job and the longest I have lately held on to a job is 4 months. Right now I have been unemployed for a week and half. The reason why I don't like to work is because I don't get along with most people so well. I also don't like the fact that in today's world minimum wage is pretty much slave money. When I think of a job I think of a hoe working for a pimp. You work hard for the money, then you give it all back to bills and food and left with nothing. I'm spoiled you could say my grandma pays my rent but me and my g/f cover all the other bills. My g/f is on social security for bipolar. So she has income I don't. On normal day like now when its night since my life is like a vampire I hang out with my friends in the neighborhood smoking weed till the sun comes up then its back to bed till I awake to see what the next day brings. I worry allot about my life and I just want to make allot money easy way. All my friends just wanna be junkies I don't care about breaking the law to make money. Thought about living a drug dealers life since that's all america likes to do is buy drugs. The only job I would enjoy even if I got paid peanuts or 20 bucks a hour is working at a golf course or doing security at strip club but its hard getting a your favorite job with the economy. You are probably shakin your head but I hate working. Girls when I flirt with them at bars tell me grow up your a giant baby. My family cries cause since I'm 24 they think when I'm 30 I'll be dead, homeless, or in & out jail. Any help yahoo please no negativity I get enough that......
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MeggansFK : Dear Nikki, I know how you feel:

I'm 20 years old, I hate work, but it's money right?? I have only worked retail, and it's not pleasant but it's money, and don't be a drug deaer, my ex best friend is one, with all the bad things in his life, he drank and smoked his problems away, why not go back to school and get an education?? I know it sounds silly, but it's never too late to be successful, good luck!!
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korelomihu : Go to youtube. Com and look up boogie2988 draw my life. And his "yolo" video. It changed my life.
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Jailapastoge : I have the same problem. It's like whatever I do nothing makes me happy. I would try getting a dog or something. When I train my dog it always cheers me up. I taught him how to jump through a hula hoop. It's good to find some kind of creative outlet or hobby.
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cannonf : well you just have to set a goal and strive for it ya know and dont let other people tell you who your are you define you
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Neglesnig : Im in the process of enrolling back in school (tech) but have a big decision to make i have the opportunity to train to be a medical billing/coding specialist or pharmacy tech. To be honest, I just can't choose out of the two I'm interested in both but only can do one, which would be more beneficial long term? Not looking to go All the way (4year degree) I'm doing the certificate program and testing for certification after. Would love to hear from anyone in these two fields. How they found jobs, what the average pay is, etc. Im currently in Florida but plan to relocate to Georgia after! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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enurmouse : Pharmacy Tech.
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ShoPPerwed : Hey why not call or apply at walgreens they train you and all that. Without expierience. www.walgreens . I promise you this girl on here said walgreens hired her no expierience they are giving her on job training at 10 an hour go look at walgreens web site and emloyment opps.
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