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dypeCoete : I'm 18, have a clean record, and am going to college next year. I got two misdemeanors for having a small amount of weed and pariphenelia. I pleaded not guilty and had a free consultation with an attorney and they said itd be a flat fee of $1000. Is this a reasonable price for a lawyer? Should I continue talking to a different lawyer?

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csyez020 : You might be able to find an attorney charging a smaller flat fee, but the difference would be minimal.
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mbtskosalg : That sounds about right.
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AdupsMund : Yes, that's a great flat rate.

You can probably find one that'll take a lower retainer, but it won't be a flat rate, and will cost more in the long run.

Good luck. :)
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katimmita : Local DUI lawyers are charging 3-5 times that much. Seems about right.
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Klarissa : I think he's doing you a favor.
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ojbeautyy : Take the fee and thank your lucky stars. Going rate is much higher in my area.
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SEO_optimalizace_webu : My parents bought me a car in March 2012; a 2011 Honda civic. I never expected it because I thought they were on a tight budget. To this day I believe buying an almost brand new car was a mistake. They've never asked for help paying the car but I do give them I fourth of my paycheck to pay bills and stuff. Now they want me to finish paying the car off by myself. I refuse to do so since I never asked for a car in the first place. Had I asked for one I would have settled for a used car at a much lower value. Also I would never have been able to afford a 20k car on my salary and still have money left for bills, and school, and going out, and other things I need. I feel like paying $375/ month would take a toll on my $9.35/hr salary. Am I in the wrong here and should I handle this bill on my own?
They did talk to me about buying a car..a used one from 1998-2002 models. We never discussed a new car, I would have never even brought THAT convo up. I would pay for it if they lost their job or something..but in that case my car payment would be the least of my worries all my money would go to paying the mortgage.
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Skomenelrd : You need to sit them down and have a real conversation with them about this. Offer to give them some of the payment, but you can't afford all of it. You need some running money.
See if they can at least split the payment with you.
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Dwedebeledima : Were there REALLY no discussion of buying you a car? a big purchase like that from parents usually follows months if not years of constant "if you do this you will get a new car" or " we wont buy you a car unless you do X"...

Assuming they never ever mentioned buying you a car then you should really discuss the payment plan with them.

IT's hard judging when we're just hearing it from your side and we don't know their side of the story, just openly talk to them about it.

If you can't afford to pay for it and your parents aren't willing to continue to pay for it then sell or trade it and get a cheaper one that you can afford.
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