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Quamserorse : which law firm is know to be good for civil cases in Dubai? I need a lawyer who can win my case! Please advise...

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sedyowedync : Okay so I'm 18 years old I just recently got my own apartment, I'll be a sophomore at a pretty good school next year, I get pretty good grades, and I'm nice to everyone. It makes me upset because I do all this stuff and it seems like it's not good enough for my mom. She spends too much time on brother, that's older than me and doesn't do anything with his life. All he does is play video games all day long. Well it's the summer and I'm back living with my mom and her boyfriend for the summer. So, my mom told me to get a job and she'll help me pay half on getting my car fixed, I did and now she's acting like she doesn't want too. I can't afford to pay for my car all by myself it's 950 + updated tag + insurance and that's why I need her to help me. I feel like she's not proud of me and doesn't see anything that I've accomplished she only worries about my brother. I pay my own phone bill, rent at my apartment, storage, and bursar bill at school. It's not like I'm living off of her, I'm trying to help myself unlike my brother. When I was younger I was molested by my cousin for a year, my dads been in prison ever since I can remember, and I use those two struggles as the reasons to why I must succeed. I feel like I could be alot different in a worse way with who I am. Alot of people that experienced those two things are mad at the world, I simply want to succeed and be successful with who I am. Especially since my mom never tried to help, tell the police, get me counseling, or stop talking to my cousin I would think she would care about me alot more. But no, she only cares about my brother, because she doesn't care about me at all. It's not even about the car, it's about the way she's treated me for all 18 years of my life. Uggh thoughts please.
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Tainiobby : Of course she's proud of you. She just haven't expressed it yet. You know why? She's sad she doesn't have her baby girl anymore. She spends time on your brother cause that's all she has now that you've grown up. It's all a part if being a mother :)
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Rhimibymn : Something's wrong with your mother. That's all the more reason to become a great success in life. Do the best you can do to achieve the best for yourself and move on in life. Show them that no matter what you're not gonna be brought down! Good luck and you can do anything you set your mind to and it seems you've already made a step in a great direction! I'm proud of ya!
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LasloDemsi : Do you have a good personal relationship with your mom or your brother? If not, maybe that's why. Or maybe your mom is just impossible to please, and you shouldn't try to. Also, jealousy is an ugly emotion. Please do not be so hard on your brother or look down on him because he is perhaps not as ambitious as you are or if you think your mom cares about him more.
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HenryS7 : Here is the thing, I am a shy male and I will only talk when I absolutely have to talk. I talk at job interviews, my boss at work, to teachers, to counselors, to cashiers, and I only talk to people when I am paying bills. I'm a college student, If I don't talk to a person it means I have nothing to say to them. When it comes to dating, I won't change. If a woman won't like me because I'm not a blabbermouth, she can go f**k herself....LITERALLY! I'm not here to please any woman. You might think I have a bad attitude, but when I have treated badly for being who I am (aka a shy person) you'd be pretty mad as well. I hate it when people I don't know just come up to me and start talking to me. If I don't say anything to a person in public, I obviously don't talk to that person. People should respect that. So what is wrong with being shy?
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attibiaIllefe : There is nothing being wrong with being shy! Anyone who thinks there is have serious issues. In my opinion, I actually like shy people better because they tend to be much more nice when they do talk and just all around sweet. So you have a silly question because there is absolutely positively NOTHING wrong with being shy and please don't change! :)
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intooosl : If you are okay with yourself, it doesn't matter what others think. But occasionally you should force yourself to be a bit more sociable, who know you might even have fun.
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fodazi : There's nothing wrong with it at all.

I used to be shy, but now I'm just an introvert.
People often mistake my preferring to keep myself to myself for me being rude.

Don't let it get to you too much.
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Snilegriercep : Nothing, I'm basically the same way except if someone talks to me ill talk back I just won't start a conversation with them, the only thing that sucks is girls don't like shy guys but other than that there's nothing wrong with it, everybody is different and has their own personality and if people don't like it they can just fuck off
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