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Pescuectime : So I got into a fight with my brother where he threw the first punch, and also started the aggravation, I reacted by staring at him until he stopped. After the fight I called the police, I have a black eye and some blood around my head a cut on my eye, cut fingers with blood and a strained body. Thats the sum of the result. He also got hit in the head with a glass. So the police came and investigated and asked my parents if they wanted to press charges (though I wasn't there to see this) and they said no. He is 18 and I'm 15. Hes got an attitude problem and is just seriously fcked up... anyway I have had physical confrontations like this before with him but it was not as serious and he was not yet an adult. I have also had a physical confrontation with my dad who is if you have been through this... a sneaky snake who tries to do whatever he can to dominate me. I do not trust him. My mothers not a very intelligent women and is basically the same as my dad except she doesn't know about the dominance game. Anyways the police said it was up to my parents to decide if I go to the hospital or not, I asked them several times demandingly but they denied. After all three fights I've had in the past year I have not once been to a hospital or got medically examed or anybody examed or anything period. The only thing that happened was with my dad some social services crap. I feel as if I am not getting the proper attention that is needed nor the representation at all. My parents did one thing, their first idea was to just get a ******* small *** bag of half cold peas in a bag and put it on my face to heal the black eye. This is just ridiculous. So my main question is that as I am feeling that I am not being represtented properly is there any way I can bring this to court or get a lawyer? I am not going to live in this house with a ****** up brother whos an adult and by law I should be able to get him the **** out of here or some ****. I want to bring this to court being this house is a ******* joke. I asked my father about this but he doesnt really give a **** and hes just like 'lets wait 48 hours till i pay the house payment'. So again no mental exam, no medical attention, no actual medical exam, no charges nothing along with me having bad relationships with my parents who of my father I do not trust and my mother who makes no sense.

How do I get a lawyer as I am a minor and feel as though I am not being represented by my parents properly?

I live in Kansas.

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Xenanicovan : As far as I know, you can't. The police should handle it, informing social services if necessary.
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koaggezhhfxo : anyone can call the police and press charges, age doesnt matter. what does is being able to sue for damages you sustained. it may be possible to have representation given to you through a temporary guardianship if a judge deems it necessary.
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spooppils : We have a family visiting from out of state and we went to a buffet for dinner. My husband was not able to eat to much carbs due to his health issue and decided to eat just the sashimi and not the rice. The manager came over to tell him not to eat the sashimi only or he'll charge more. There was many people witnessing the situation as it was handle by the manager so loudly. As a result we lost all appetite. Let me add that we were there less than 15 minutes. What action
Can we take? We paid the bill and left.
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Liaffobilfeli : you can stop going there. no judge or lawyer is going to sue anyone just because your being a big baby and got your feelings hurt. grow up.
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CrycleClomoto : Sure you can sue and now just what were your loses how much did they cost you in lost revenue? The judge might award you one dollar
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Cetuneld : What action can you take?

You can vote with your feet, and your purse. You can choose not to go back. You can tell your friends. You can give honest feedback on Yelp and so on.
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nesbitt379 : A lawsuit may cost you more time and money than it's worth, but you could always share your experience on websites like Yelp and stop going to the restaurant in the first place.
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nanadokilalo : Why would you wish to humiliate yourselves even more than you already have done so?You went to the buffet to pig out on the most expensive part of the meal, leaving others short in their selection. The owner/manager did nothing wrong in pointing out to you that besides being gross ,you were acting gross. People only go to buffets to eat as much as they possible can, otherwise they would go to a usual type eatery. Your ignorance was made obvious in your statement regarding your husband and his "health issue" what you meant to say was health problem. Sue if you want, but you will lose and i can just see the headlines of your local newspaper "buffet bandits beaten".
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VRudikon : Just, my whole outlook... And here we go... Not joking, he just messaged me and I'm not at all amused or excited... Sorta annoyed....

^ Legitimate example....

Seriously, my entire out look is just... Meh. I don't care.

All of my past relationships were bad experiences, usually nothing but lies and head games...
This time around I'm getting more head games, guilt trips, and he keeps changing...

Head games: This will take a minute to explain, but I'll give an example. He wants me to start driving so we can visit each other... I have a car, but don't know how to drive it and don't have my license... After buying my car and paying bills, and running into an expensive emergency, I couldn't afford to learn how to drive and get my license... Well, he told me he'd give me $20, then $60, then back to $20 to pay for my license as a birthday gift. But- last week he told me he couldn't, he had expenses, that's fine... But he keeps messaging me to brag about all the fast food, video games, and stuff he's buying... AND he keeps blaming his loneliness on me, because I don't have my license and can't drive to him... Like, he's saying he won't be with me for much longer if I don't drive to him... If that's the case then fine, I'm better off without him. I can only do so much and I'm struggling to pay the bills while he's living it up.

Guilt trips: The whole lonely thing... It's supposedly all my fault. He's lonely because I can't drive to him... And he keeps bringing up his past relationships, reminding me of how he'd never been happy with a woman... Which I can only assume, is because he has to have it his way... Or no way at all... And without any sacrifice or effort.

Changing: He just keeps raising his expectations... Like, when we first started dating I told him I'd like to just hang out and play video games, at first he was happy about this... Then he wanted to cuddle, I was fine with that- I love cuddles... Then he stated saying he wouldn't be happy unless we had sex on the first time we get to hang out... After chewing him out for this he toned it back down to cuddling, but still is testing me to see if I'll cave in and give him what he wants...

Plus there's another problem, sorta guilt trip-ish... He wants me to leave my home and mom to move in with him and two other guys I don't know... Expects me to "share" my belongings with him, shared ownership... But that's not the main point, got sidetracked... If I don't move in with him in the next town over (THE TOWN I HATE) he'll have to leave me... He won't leav his town, though he wants me to... AND, he can't move in with me ever- I have to do the moving in... And he's saying he won't stop living with his friends for several years because it's cheap-easy living.... Expecting me to do what he won't. I refuse.

AND FINALLY... He keeps bringing up sex. I'm not a virgin or anything, but I'm tired of being rushed into it... Because afterwards that's all the guy wants- in my case anyway. He keeps asking if I'd be willing to do certain things once I get my car...

Just, I need opinions... Am I being to critical? Selfish? Should I leave him, or am I just not ready for relationships yet?

I'm 19, he's 21. He only lives 10-12 miles away. Known each other for 2 years
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