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Inettyday : My boyfriend's friend has a warrant he would like to get cleared. His warrant is for leaving the state while on probation for a misdemeanor DUI. He currently lives out of state, and would like to hire a lawyer to represent him without having to go back to Maryland.

We found an article online that says this:

"In most California misdemeanor criminal cases, a licensed Attorney can appear in criminal court and speak for the Defendant.

This is because there is a law in California that allows an Attorney to speak for the defendant when he/she is so authorized. The law is California Penal Code section 977, and most other states have very similar laws. "

That is for California, but it stated most states have very similar laws.

It also states this:

"This is true even if a defendant lives out of state. For example, a DUI defendant who lives in Oregon, but who hires a California Attorney can resolve the case and get his or her sentence without ever returning to California for a court date in most common situations. "

We are wondering if there is a similar law like this in Maryland? Where he can hire a lawyer on his behalf without going back to MD. I am not good at looking up laws and penal codes, if anyone could point me in the right direction or knows of a similar law, that would be very helpful. Thanks.
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abigeodia : You would do best to google lawyers in Maryland.. and call one of them to find out.
Your friend is not just dealing with a misdemeanor..he has a warrant, violated probation, and the dui on top of that.
It probably depends a lot on the severity of a charge, and seems that his is more severe that run of the mill misdemeanors.
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Jaramaree : I received a credit card from my local credit union. However, when I went in to pay the bill today (a mixup happened and I didn't receive my mail until three days ago from my family) they told me they don't handle it, and gave me a website. When I finally got to a computer to do it, with my busy schedule working two jobs, it demanded a routing and account number- neither of which I have, I only have their credit card and my debit card from the bank. I called them, and they refused my debit card period, without a single legitimate reason why. I was never informed that I could only pay by check, and my bank never gave me any checks to start with.

This being my first experience ever with credit, I'm more than a little worried it will screw me over big time...
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aquaguent : My Fiance and I are trying to buy a house. We both have amazing credit. According to the bank i have the strong profile with monthly bills coming in my name and paying them off every month.

Well my fiance and I are waiting 6 months to save more money towards a downpayment.

According to the bank my fiance has a amazing credit score but his profile it kinda weak. He doesnt have any monthly bills that come in his name. We stay at his parents place currently so we can save our money for a house. But what could he get to pay monthly that'll help him?

Our phone is in my name, and the car and the car payments are in my name. Other than that theres really no other bills that he could get to get in his name. I mean he has netflx and hulu come outta his bank account monthly but netflix goes through paypal so it doesnt say netflix on his statements like they want. Plus they said they werent sure if Netflix or Hulu coming out would be able to be considered because its not really a bill

So would the best thing for him to do is get a small personal loan for 6 months and pay it off to help him? or what could we do??
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esyez003 : u can learn the credit laws in your local.
visit to library will help.

u/he can read Total money make over,
dave ramsey to learn from others mistakes,
not your own.

u can learn if in USA about 'manual underwriting'
process. u will need a bank/mortgage lender
who has a brain to do it.

suggest u wait a year after u married for dozens of reasons.
have seen your errors.

after u married , rent small cheap safe for a year while
u actually learn where, what , why not to buy.

buying a house is not cheaper than rent.
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Effitswes : well personally i dont think so. some atheists have a reasonable intelligence even if they are brainwashed and indoctrincated by a communist atheist federal government.
knowing the mentality of an atheist, this has absolutely nothing to do with gotcha or check mate.

the only thing that will get an atheists attention is if an angel appears and rebukes them for hours. even still, some will say it was a halucination.
then the only thing left is when they die they shall see devils takeing them down to hell, very much Bill Weiss who said he was dead for 23 minutes.
danion brinkley seems to have been such an atheist and he has survived two deaths by lightning strike. i think there is more to say about Danion in "check" than what you say in proverb without actually saying anything.

this is not meant to answer you in rebuke. but a critique with truth and inspiration. i suggest you read Danions books and learn his testimony.
first of all, i am NEVER a Troll !!!
2nd i just woke up about 2 hours ago.

and no all questions i ask are sincere if not biased towards faith or against atheism.
i had no idea this many atheists would answer this question. which i intended for beleivers to answer
and fourth i never hesitate to thumbs down specific insults especially ones that individually say i am mentally unstable.
5th, i will always report an "insult" of mental illness for anyone i see, regardless of atheist or theist beliefs.
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Arrilbotono : That's a nice steaming pile of opinions you have there.

I will believe in vampires if I see a vampire. I will believe in gods if I see a god. I will believe in aliens if I see an alien. I will not believe in vampires, gods or aliens based on stories, rumors and anecdotes, because that would be dumb.

Is it really that hard to understand?
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kissme2hy8 : Do you need us for this or are you just happy to waffle on amongst yourself?
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Dreannacron : Did you forget your meds today?
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kartonnik : I understand perfectly.

Religious people don't want me to understand, they just want me to believe.

I don't care about anyone's testimony, that is NOT a way to find the truth.
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